American’s flight attendants are furious about CEO Doug Parker’s compensation

Statement from APFA President Regarding  CEO Compensation 

The following is a statement from Lori Bassani, National President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, on recent reports of American Airlines CEO’s compensation package.

“The fact American Airlines paid its CEO Doug Parker nearly $12 million is the latest sign of disrespect to the company’s hard-working, but beleaguered crew members and passengers who have had to put up with repeated safety concerns, broken luggage bins, missing baggage, flight cancellations, and a disinvestment that has led to one of the oldest fleets in the US aviation industry.

While Parker has raked in millions of dollars, and other management saw huge bonuses last year despite the airline missing its profit targets, American has consistently under-invested in its most important asset- its workforce. Apparently, they would rather spend millions of dollars on lavish executive compensation packages instead of fixing the critical problems that has gotten American ranked last of the big 3 airlines when it comes to flight delays, complaints, and mishandled baggage. It’s time for American to invest in its workers, its fleet, and its passengers.”