CNN: Boeing desperately needs to get the 737 MAX back in the air. Getting it approved will be hard

From CNN:

“Boeing’s future rides on the success of the 737 MAX. But all of those planes remain grounded, waiting for the world’s aviation regulators to approve a software fix that will make them safer to fly.

The 737 Max does not appear close to flying again. Aviation experts doubt global regulators will act in concert to approve the 737 MAX for flight, because serious questions remain about how and why the FAA approved the 737 MAX for flight and whether it rushed the certification process.
The world’s aviation authorities have lost confidence in the US Federal Aviation Administration.
In the past when planes were grounded, other regulators followed the FAA’s lead. When the FAA approved grounded planes to fly again, regulators around the world similarly let them fly too. That’s what happened when the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was grounded because of battery problems in 2013.”
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