Aerolineas Argentinas sees a 6% spurt in August

Aerolineas Argentinas ended August with 1,182,506 passengers transported, 6% more than the same in 2018 and a load factor more than 80%.

Of the total, 901,332 passengers flew in its domestic routes, whose flights had a load factor of 80.4%, 6.5 points above the same month last year.

On the international flights, the airline carried 279,843 passengers, a 9% increase from August 2018 and with a load factor of 82.4%, 7.7 points higher than last year.

During the month of August, the company reached the one million passengers transported to and from Córdoba; and half a million in Mendonza, Salta and Neuquen.

Martin Ortiz reporting from Argentina.

Aerolineas Argentinas aircraft photo gallery: