37 years of aviation accident statistics studied

Clifford Law Offices has reviewed 37 years of airplane crash data. Here is what they found for the United States using NTSB data:

They found:


  • Crashes have been cut by more than half since 1982 (3,593 down to 1,581)
  • Landing (20,330 crashes) and takeoff (16,061 crashes) are, by far, the most likely parts of air travel for accidents to happen, but crashes that occur during maneuvering (6,994 fatalities) and cruising (6,994 fatalities) are the most deadly.
  • Most crashes occurred in Anchorage, AL (528 crashes) – by about double over the second area
  • 54% of all aviation accidents involved a Cessna, Piper, or Beech.
  • The Tenerife Airport Disaster was the worst aircraft crash in history with 583 deaths.


You can find the full study at https://www.cliffordlaw.com/aviation-accidents-and-incidents/