ANA announces its revised flight schedules for FY 2020

ANA has made this announcement:

  • ANA will introduce five new international destinations to its network, marking the first time that Istanbul, Shenzhen and Stockholm will be served by a Japanese airline.
  • Airbus A321neo to be gradually rolled out on domestic flights.

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest 5-Star airline for seven consecutive years, announced Fiscal Year 2020’s (FY2020) flight schedule changes. Over the next 12 months, ANA will shift its flight schedule to match the expansion of the international departure and arrival slots at Haneda International Airport (HND).

Istanbul, Milan, Moscow, Shenzhen/China and Stockholm are new additions to ANA’s international network, marking the first time that Istanbul, Shenzhen, and Stockholm will be served by a Japanese airline. The new routes include cities that will be served out of Haneda Airport due to the new slot allocation as well as one newly established flight connecting Haneda and Ho Chi Minh City by restructuring its Vietnam route.

The key points for FY2020 are as follows:

  • International Routes

    • On March 29, 2020, a new lounge will be unveiled at Haneda Airport Terminal 2. The lounge was designed under the supervision of Kengo Kuma, a world-renowned Japanese architect, and it will be open once service for the international flights begins at Terminal 2. Combined with the updated slot designations at Haneda Airport, ANA’s additional flight options and extensive domestic network will further enhance convenience for business travelers as well as those traveling between Japan and international destinations.
    • Narita Airport will also see new business expansion for future sustainable growth. The new Narita-Vladivostok route, which will launch March 16, 2020, will soon increase to 3 round-trip flights per week starting on March 29, 2020. The Airbus A380 “FLYING HONU” will operate 14 round-trip flights per week starting on July 1, 2020*1. As a result, all Narita-Honolulu routes will operate the FLYING HONU while the Haneda-Honolulu route will operate on Boeing 787 aircraft. This will allow ANA to meet the vigorous demand for flights between Japan and Hawaii.
    • On March 29, 2020, ANA will introduce the 3rd ANA LOUNGE for international flights departing from Narita Airport.
  • Domestic Routes

    • In response to strong passenger demand, ANA will continue to increase the Haneda-Okinawa, and Ishigaki route. ANA will also increase the number of flights between Haneda and Kansai to expand its international and domestic connection network.
    • ANA is gradually introducing the Airbus A321 neo, which is very popular among customers and has a personal monitor attached to every seat. By the end of FY2020, ANA will have 18 Airbus A321neo aircraft.
    • ANA will enhance its domestic flight network while maintaining its domestic network by optimizing its domestic flights and adjusting the size of the fleets.
  • Cargo Freighter Routes

    • While demand for air cargo is expected to stagnate in the short term due to the US-China trade issues, ANA anticipates expansion in the medium to long term. Therefore, freighter operation will be adjusted to balance supply and demand conditions to steadily improve profitability.
    • Additionally, ANA will increasingly capture demand by enhancing synergy effects with airlines while flexibly using charters, codeshares and such, in addition to expanding passenger flight networks.
    • Regarding the “Okinawa Cargo Hub Network,” which Naha Airport function as a key logistics base between domestic and major Asian cities, ANA will maintain and improve the air cargo network by using codeshares with other airlines or other methods to transport freights.
  • *1 The newly introduced A380 may launch before July 1, 2020.
  • * Flight plans are subject to approval by the relevant authorities. All schedules are subject to change.

International Routes
(1) Newly established routes and increased frequency

(2) Reduced frequency and suspended routes

(3) Changes in aircraft

Domestic Routes
(1) Increased frequency and resumed routes

(2) Reduced frequency and suspended routes

Cargo Freighter Routes
(1) Increased frequency and resumed routes

(2) Suspended routes and reduced frequency

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