Air Antwerp suspends its flights from March 22 until April 10, 2020

Air Antwerp has made this announcement:

The COVID-19 pandemic is confronting Air Antwerp with circumstances the airline industry has never witnessed before. Nevertheless, the airline is trying to assist its passengers as much as possible. Until Friday 20th March included, Air Antwerp will operate its flights according to its regular schedule, allowing passengers to return home.

However, following the travel advice issued by the Belgian federal government and the extraordinary measures decided by the Belgian National Security Council on March 17, Air Antwerp is compelled to suspend all its flights from March 22 until April 10, 2020 included.

Passengers holding an Air Antwerp booking (WP code) on a flight between March 22 and April 10‚ can change or cancel their reservation free of charge by contacting Air Antwerp Customer Services (contact details see below). If the booking was made via any other channel than the Air Antwerp website‚ the customer must contact the party with which the flight was booked. Please note that booking change requests cannot be made via social media.

Air Antwerp expects to resume its flights on Sunday April 12, 2020.