National Airlines delivers critical COVID-19 relief

National Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighters are carrying out highly critical COVID-19 missions worldwide to quickly deliver urgently needed COVID-19 laboratory testing supplies and protective gear.

The airline continued;

With the World struggling to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, governments across the World are in dire need of masks, gloves, and other relief materials. National has been steadfast in supporting the World in these difficult times by ensuring the supply chain process is maintained, while also moving crucial passenger missions.

(PRNewsfoto/National Air Cargo Group, Inc. )

Among the many relief missions National Airlines has been involved with, the most recent is a flight operated into Mumbai, India with one of its Boeing 747-400 freighters carrying key COVID-29 laboratory testing supplies to identity COVID-19. The second largest country in terms of population has just implemented a complete lock down to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

National has completed several missions and are contracted to perform numerous more from India, Europe, and Chinainto the USA carrying pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies. Chris Alf, Chairman of National, said, “We salute our members, especially the crew who are doing an extraordinary job and accepting the responsibility to fly to world-wide destinations carrying medical supplies and relief materials and braving the challenges we’re all facing today. Delivering the COVID-19 laboratory testing supplies and protective gear are highly time-critical missions in which our fantastic team have accomplished on time.”

USA Air Carrier National Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 747-400 freighters, A330 and Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft globally.

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