Unions attack Lufthansa Group’s desire to dismantle Germanwings

The trade unions of the Lufthansa Group have issued this joint statement about the future of Germanwings:

Joint appeal by VC, UFO, Verdi, IGL/TGL and ACA
Stabilization of Lufthansa only possible with all employees

On April 6, the trade unions and associations, VC, UFO, Verdi, IGL/TGL and ACA made a joint appeal to the Lufthansa Group Executive Board.

The background is the Lufthansa Group’s unilateral decision to question the future of its subsidiary Germanwings.

Markus Wahl, President of Vereinigung Cockpit: “The announcement that in an unprecedented crisis such as the current one, a part of the workforce will be confronted with an existential threat is met with incomprehension. Right now, every decision must take the concerns of all employees into account. This is the only way employees can stand behind the group and work towards stabilization.

The Corona crisis has hit the aviation industry particularly hard. Great efforts will be necessary to overcome this crisis. We as trade unions in the Lufthansa Group offer our support for solutions that can be supported by all employees.

Note: Germanwings previously operated its aircraft for Eurowings.

Germanwings aircraft photo gallery: