“Don’t Rush Challenge” is spreading to airline employees

The new social media viral video challenge started with eight friends of different backgrounds. The “Don’t Rush” theme applied to the makeover process that cannot be “rushed” before going out.

Originally meant to celebrate fashion, the challenge has spread to airline crews, especially flight attendants.

The “Don’t Rush” theme is performed to the music of the rap song of the same name by Young T and Bugsey.

Now flight attendants, especially in Europe, are adding new versions as they prepare for their work assignments. Does the theme also have a double meaning for the return of airline service due to the coronavirus outbreak?

How to do the “Don’t Rush” Challenge on TikTok and Instagram

Some examples (with probably many more to come):

Air France:

Brussels Airlines

Caribbean Airlines:

Corendon Dutch Airlines:





Norwegian (UK):

Lufthansa Group:

Transavia Airlines:

TUI fly Belgium:

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