WestJet releases its July schedule

WestJet today released its updated July schedule, developed to allow Canadians the pleasure of summer travel while economically supporting communities across the country in safely reopening travel and domestic tourism. In addition, the airline has added flights to select U.S. markets.

To ensure guests can book with confidence, the airline maintains its stringent Safety Above All hygiene program and continues to provide flexibility in booking, change and cancellation policies.

“Today’s schedule reflects our commitment to orderly and safe travel while providing steps to allow Canadians to get out, explore, and take part in critical economic activities like staying in hotels, eating out, visiting tourist attractions or simply just travelling to see friends and family,” said Arved von zur Muehlen, WestJet Chief Commercial Officer. “Governments and Canadians from coast-to-coast are working together to lessen the impact of this pandemic and we are grateful that these efforts have put us in a position to add more options for travel this July.”

From July 5 through August 4, 2020, WestJet will offer operations to 45 destinations including 39 in Canada, five in the U.S. and one in Mexico an increase of approximately 102 per cent more flights from June, but down 76 per cent from July 2019.

Continued von zur Muehlen, “As we emerge from the pandemic, health vigilance must be balanced with the gradual reopening of our economy. WestJet has done our part and spent millions of dollars to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and our people. We’re ready to get Canadians flying.”

On March 22, WestJet suspended its international and transborder operations. The airline’s schedule now contains flights to key transborder and international destinations including Los Angeles (LAX), Atlanta (ATL) and Las Vegas (LAS).

“Jurisdictions around the world are opening, allowing citizens to begin flying once again which is kickstarting their economies for recovery. We’ve heard from the communities we serve and look forward to having Canadians safely participate and stimulate domestic tourism this summer,” stated von zur Muehlen.

At this time, the airline is planning on operating the following domestic routes and frequencies from July 5 – August 4.


Calgary-Abbotsford 2x daily
Calgary-Comox 6x weekly
Calgary-Cranbrook 3x weekly
Calgary-Fort St. John 2x daily
Calgary-Kamloops 6x weekly
Calgary-Kelowna 3x daily
Calgary-Nanaimo 6x weekly
Calgary-Penticton 4x weekly
Calgary-Vancouver 7x daily
Calgary-Victoria 2x daily
Calgary-Edmonton 6x daily
Calgary-Fort McMurray 3x daily
Calgary-Grande Prairie 3x daily
Calgary-Lethbridge 3x weekly
Calgary-Lloydminster 2x weekly
Calgary-Medicine Hat 2x weekly
Calgary-Yellowknife 3x weekly
Calgary-Brandon 3x weekly
Calgary-Regina 2x daily
Calgary-Saskatoon 2x daily
Calgary-Winnipeg 3x daily
Calgary-Hamilton 4x weekly
Calgary-Kitchener/Waterloo 2x weekly
Calgary-Toronto 6x daily
Edmonton-Vancouver 3x daily
Edmonton-Kelowna 6x weekly
Edmonton-Victoria 6x weekly
Edmonton-Calgary 6x daily
Edmonton-Fort McMurray 4x weekly
Edmonton-Grande Prairie 5x weekly
Edmonton-Regina 5x weekly
Edmonton-Saskatoon 6x weekly
Edmonton-Winnipeg 6x weekly
Edmonton-Toronto 3x daily
Fort McMurray-Calgary 3x daily
Fort McMurray-Edmonton 4x weekly
Grande Prairie-Calgary 3x daily
Grande Prairie-Edmonton 5x weekly
Lethbridge-Calgary 3x weekly
Lloydminster-Calgary 2x weekly
Medicine Hat-Calgary 2x weekly
Yellowknife-Calgary 3x weekly


Abbotsford-Calgary 2x daily
Comox-Calgary 6x weekly
Cranbrook-Calgary 3x weekly
Fort St John-Calgary 2x daily
Kamloops-Calgary 6x weekly
Kelowna-Vancouver 1x daily
Kelowna-Calgary 3x daily
Kelowna-Edmonton 6x weekly
Nanaimo-Calgary 6x weekly
Penticton-Calgary 4x weekly
Prince George-Vancouver 2x daily
Terrace-Vancouver 6x weekly
Vancouver-Kelowna 1x daily
Vancouver-Prince George 2x daily
Vancouver-Terrace 6x weekly
Vancouver-Victoria 2x daily
Vancouver-Calgary 7x daily
Vancouver-Edmonton 3x daily
Vancouver-Winnipeg 5x weekly
Vancouver-Toronto 4x daily
Victoria-Vancouver 2x daily
Victoria-Calgary 2x daily
Victoria-Edmonton 6x weekly


Hamilton-Calgary 4x weekly
Kitchener/Waterloo-Calgary 2x weekly
London, ON-Toronto 4x weekly
Ottawa-Calgary 6x weekly
Ottawa-Toronto 4x daily
Ottawa-Halifax 2x weekly
Thunder Bay-Winnipeg 2x weekly
Thunder Bay-Toronto 4x weekly
Toronto-Vancouver 4x daily
Toronto-Calgary 6x daily
Toronto-Edmonton 3x daily
Toronto-Regina 3x weekly
Toronto-Saskatoon 3x weekly
Toronto-Winnipeg 3x daily
Toronto-London, ON 4x weekly
Toronto-Ottawa 4x daily
Toronto-Thunder Bay 4x weekly
Toronto-Montreal 4x daily
Toronto-Quebec City 3x weekly
Toronto-Charlottetown 2x weekly
Toronto-Deer Lake 4x weekly
Toronto-Fredericton 3x weekly
Toronto-Halifax 3x daily
Toronto-Moncton 3x weekly
Toronto-St. John’s (NL) 5x weekly


Brandon-Calgary 3x weekly
Regina-Calgary 2x daily
Regina-Edmonton 5x weekly
Regina-Toronto 3x weekly
Saskatoon-Calgary 2x daily
Saskatoon-Edmonton 6x weekly
Saskatoon-Winnipeg 2x weekly
Saskatoon-Toronto 3x weekly
Winnipeg-Vancouver 5x weekly
Winnipeg-Calgary 3x daily
Winnipeg-Edmonton 6x weekly
Winnipeg-Saskatoon 2x weekly
Winnipeg-Thunder Bay 2x weekly
Winnipeg-Toronto 3x daily


Montreal-Calgary 6x weekly
Montreal-Toronto 4x daily
Quebec City-Toronto 3x weekly


Charlottetown-Toronto 2x weekly
Deer Lake-Toronto 4x weekly
Fredericton-Toronto 3x weekly
Halifax-Calgary 6x weekly
Halifax-Ottawa 2x weekly
Halifax-Toronto 3x daily
Halifax- St. John’s (NL) 6x weekly
Halifax-Sydney 2x weekly
Moncton-Toronto 3x weekly
St. John’s (NL)-Toronto 5x weekly
St. John’s (NL)-Halifax 6x weekly
Sydney-Halifax 2x weekly

At this time, the airline is planning on operating the following transborder and international routes from July 5 – August 4.

Market Planned frequency
Vancouver – Los Angeles 4x weekly
Vancouver – Las Vegas 2x weekly
Calgary – Los Angeles 4x weekly
Calgary – Las Vegas 4x weekly
Calgary – Atlanta 1x daily
Toronto – Las Vegas 2x weekly
Toronto – LaGuardia 6x weekly
Toronto – Orlando 1x weekly (starts Jul 11)
Toronto – Cancun 1x weekly (starts Jul 11)

Due to the continued reduction in overall demand, border closures and domestic quarantine requirements that remain in place across the country, the revised schedule also includes temporary domestic route suspensions for July 5-August 4, 2020.

Market Previous frequency
Vancouver – Nanaimo 2x daily
Vancouver – Comox 1x daily
Vancouver – Regina 4x weekly
Vancouver – Saskatoon 1x daily
Vancouver – Fort St. John 1x daily
Vancouver – Cranbrook 1x daily