KLM resumes flights to China after five months

KLM has made this announcement:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on July 21 resumed passenger flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Shanghai due to the relaxation of travel restrictions by the Chinese government. These flights are in addition to the cargo airlift that started on 20 April for the transport of medical supplies.

Flights to mainland China were suspended at the beginning of February in connection with COVID-19. KLM now operates one flight a week to Shanghai, which is operated with a Boeing 777-300 and makes a stop in Seoul (South Korea) on both outbound and inbound flights.

With the reopening of the Amsterdam-Shanghai route, KLM emphasizes the importance of the Chinese market in its network. The warm ties were the reason for Economic Counselor Chinese Embassy Mr. Zhang Guosheng and KLM’s CEO Mr. Pieter Elbers to see this first flight off.

In other news, from September 28, 2020, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will adjust the schedule for flights between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Gulf States in the Middle East. KLM will also expand its network with the opening of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is an entirely new destination for Schiphol.

KLM is slowly and carefully expanding its European and intercontinental network. In doing so, KLM aims to offer its customers as much choice of destinations as possible. Adding Riyadh as a new destination will strengthen KLM’s network in the Middle East and help keep it robust. The opening of Riyadh means an increase in the number of destinations, but not in the number of flights to the Middle East, because Riyadh will be combined with an existing destination. The total number of flights KLM operates from Schiphol is far from the pre-corona crisis level.

Riyadh flight schedule

KLM will fly directly from Amsterdam to Riyadh 4 times a week. On the way back, this flight will make a short stopover in Dammam in Saudi Arabia, a destination that was already included in the KLM network before the corona crisis. The flights will be operated with the Airbus A330-200 with 18 seats in World Business Class and 246 seats in Economy Class.

Flight number From To Departure (local time) Arrival (local time) Days of the week
KL0425 and KL0423 Amsterdam Riyadh 15.35 hours 22.40 hours Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat
KL0425 and KL0423 Riyadh Dammam 23.45 hours 01.10 hours Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat
KL0425 and KL0423 Dammam Amsterdam 02.25 hours 08.05 hours Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun

Muscat combined with Abu Dhabi

The flights to Muscat will be operated with a short stopover in Abu Dhabi from 3 August. There will be 3 flights per week. The Amsterdam-Abu Dhabi-Muscat-Abu Dhabi-Amsterdam route will be operated using the Boeing 787-9 with 30 seats in World Business Class and 264 seats in Economy Class.

Flight number From To Departure (local time) Arrival (local time) Days of the week
KL0453 Amsterdam Abu Dhabi 11.30 hours 20.05 hours Mon, Thu, Sat
KL0453 Abu Dhabi Muscat 21.20 hours 22.40 hours Mon, Thu, Sat
KL0454 Muscat Abu Dhabi 23.45 hours 01.00 hours Tue, Fri, Sun
KL0454 Abu Dhabi Amsterdam 02.10 hours 07.00 hours Mon, Wed, Sat

Reopening flights to Kuwait-Bahrain

As part of the slow expansion of the KLM network, flights via Kuwait to Bahrain will also be restarted on 29 September 2020. It concerns 3 flights per week.

Flight number From To Departure (local time) Arrival (local time) Days of the week
KL0445 Amsterdam Kuwait 14.15 hours 21.00 hours Tue, Thu, Sat
KL0445 Kuwait Bahrein 22.10 hours 23.20 hours Tue, Thu, Sat
KL0446 Bahrein Kuwait 00.30 hours 01.45 hours Mon, Thu, Sat
KL0446 Kuwait Amsterdam 03.05 hours 08.15 hours Mon, Thu, Sat

Flight schedule to Dubai will remain unchanged

The flights from Amsterdam to Dubai will remain unchanged. KLM operates daily flights on this route with a Boeing 777-200 with 34 seats in World Business Class and 286 seats in Economy Class.

Flight number From To Departure (local time) Arrival (local time) Days of the week
KL0427 Amsterdam Dubai 14.30 hours 23.10 hours Daily
KL0428 Dubai Amsterdam 00.50 hours 05.55 hours Daily

Seven destinations in the Gulf States

As of 28 September, KLM offers a total of 7 destinations in the Gulf States from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Dammam and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Muscat (Oman), Manama (Bahrain) and Kuwait City (Kuwait).

Please note that flight times may be subject to change.

Additional hygiene measures

Naturally, KLM has taken measures to ensure that the flight is safe for both passengers and crew. For example, face masks are mandatory when boarding and during the flight, there are extra hygiene equipment on board, such as hand sanitizer, and KLM’s aircraft are thoroughly cleaned. The air on board is quickly refreshed using HEPA filters. For more information about the hygiene measures on board:

KLM naturally complies with the strict requirements set by the Chinese government for the resumption of international flights. This means that passengers must complete a health declaration form online and that the temperature of passengers is checked. The toilets, for example, are also inspected extra frequently during the flight. Furthermore, there are as few contact moments as possible between crew and passengers, which means there is limited catering available on these flights.

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