Wizz Air launches interactive travel planning map

Wizz Air has made this announcement:

Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest growing and greenest* airline, has launched the Travel Planning Map, a new and continuously updated website search tool designed to help passengers determine which destinations in the WIZZ network they can fly to at that precise moment in time and helpfully inform them of coronavirus-related travel restrictions in place.

During these uncertain times, passengers can rely on Wizz Air’s Travel Planning Map to check operating routes and relevant travel rules using a colour-coded system.  To use the map, passengers simply should click on their desired departure airport and then can choose from any available destinations in the WIZZ network. Countries and airports are colour-coded depending on restrictions – green meaning there are no restrictions to enter the country via air, yellow meaning there are partial restrictions (test/quarantine/residence) to enter the country via air and red meaning there is a full or partial entry ban to the country via air.

For further information on travel regulations, passengers can click on specific routes to take them to a country-specific travel information page which includes relevant links to local Government websites, useful travel pages and any pre-departure mandatory forms that need to be filled out.

The Travel Planning Map is updated daily at 18:00 CET, but Wizz Air recommends that passengers double-check entry requirements before departure as they might be subject to changes daily and the airline always encourages its passengers to purchase WIZZ Flex for ultimate peace of mind. By adding WIZZ Flex to a booking, passengers can rest assured that if circumstances change, or they simply wish to travel on a different date, or to a different destination, they can rebook on any WIZZ flight of their choice.

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