Airbus delivers 566 aircraft in 2020, down 34%

  • 566 commercial aircraft deliveries, 34 percent fewer than in 2019, in line with adaptation plan
  • 383 new aircraft orders, 268 net orders, 7,184 aircraft in backlog 


Airbus SE delivered 566 commercial aircraft to 87 customers in 2020, in line with the production adaptation plan set out in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, deliveries comprised:

  2020 (including) 2019 (including)
A220 Family 38   48  
A320 Family 446 (431 NEO) 642 (551 NEO)
A330 Family 19 (13 NEO) 53 (41 NEO)
A350 Family 59 (14 A350-1000) 112 (25 A350-1000)
A380 4   8  

In order to overcome international travel restrictions, the Airbus team developed an innovative e-delivery solution which represented more than 25% of the 2020 deliveries, allowing customers to receive their aircraft while minimizing the need for their teams to travel.

In 2020, Airbus recorded a total of 383 new orders, 268 net orders, showing continued  customer endorsements in all market segments. The A220 won 64 new orders, confirming it as the leading aircraft in its category. The A320 Family won 296 new orders including 37 A321XLR. In the wide body segment, Airbus won 23 new orders including two A330s and 21 A350s. After 115 cancellations by the end of 2020, Airbus’ backlog stood at 7,184 aircraft.

Airbus will report Full Year 2020 financial results on February 18, 2021.

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