Iberia operates seven long-haul flights from Madrid as the airport slowly gets back to normal

A snowstorm at Madrid slowed down airport operations. Last night Iberia began to restore hong-haul operations with this notice:

Deshielo 02
  • Starting at 10:00 p.m. on January 10, 2021, the first two flights were to Miami and Santo Domingo and, as conditions arise at the Madrid airport, Iberia has also scheduled flights for tonight to Buenos Aires, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Lima. Due to COVID restrictions,  Lima flight is only authorized to carry cargo, but it will bring customers from Peru to Europe.
  • As AENA has already announced, the recovery of the airport will be very gradual, which means that it will take time to return to normal operationIberia will inform affected customers of possible schedule changes or cancellations that may happen in the next few hours.
  • Since the snow storm began, Iberia has deployed all its available means, first to serve the affected customers and now to try to recover its operation, but Spanish airline thanks customers for their understanding because, as  authorities have indicated, current and next few days weather conditions will slow down the return to normality.
  • Iberia has decided to be flexible with booking conditions for customers expecting to fly from January, 8th to 12th. These customers can change their flight date up to 20 March.
  • Despite the substantial increase in staff answering our helplines, callers may note a poorer service during this snowstorm event, for which we apologize. Whenever possible we recommend that you use http://www.iberia.com to make changes to your booking, instead of the telephone, leaving lines free for emergencies and special needs.
  • To make the changes, contact Iberia or the travel agency where you purchased the ticket. If you bought them directly from Iberia for a flight today, 9th January or tomorrow, you can make the changes on iberia.com (“Manage My Booking”). Since the airport closed last Friday, Iberia has already offered a ticket exchange or refund to more than 11,000 customers, only through the “Manage Your Reservation” service on iberia.com
  • Iberia thanks its customers for their patience and understanding, and its employees for their commitment to serve even under the most adverse circumstances.