Air Nostrum honors the first female commercial captain in Spain

First female commercial captain in Spain - Bettina Kadner

Air Nostrum has named one of its Bombardier CRJ1000s (the pictured EC-MTO) after the first female pilot and captain of a commercial airplane in Spain: Bettina Kadner. She was also the second female commercial pilot in Europe (only after Turi Wideroe).
Spanish born Bettina Kadner (daughter of two German citizens)  was, in 1969, the first woman in Spain to fly a commercial airplane, specifically in the charter company Spantax after achieving the title of first-class commercial pilot, which until then was reserved for men.
Bettina was first officer of a Fokker F.27. When she was 25 she became captain of this plane and then captain of McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and Boeing 737.
In 1987 Bettina left Spantax and joined Iberia, the company where she flew Boeing 727s, Boeing 757-200s and Airbus A320s. In 1998 she also became the first woman to become captain in Iberia (A320). She retired in 2006.
Javier Rodriguez reporting from Spain.
Top Copyright Photo: Air Nostrum-Iberia Regional Bombardier CRJ1000 (CL-600-2E25) EC-MTO (msn 19059) (Bettina Kadner) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 953279.
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