American Airlines introduces the AirCal heritage jet

American 737-800 WL N917NN (15-AirCal 81)(Grd)(American)(LRW)

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) has introduced its AirCal heritage jet scheme (painted in the 1981 livery) on Boeing 737-823 N917NN (msn 29572).

Air California (later AirCal) was acquired by AMR Corporation and merged into American Airlines on July 1, 1987,

Top Photo: American Airlines. N917NN in the 1981 AirCal color scheme.

Below Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/ The original Air California/AirCal. Boeing 737-293 N464AC (msn 19309) is pictured at Seattle/Tacoma in the final 1981 livery.

AirCal Boeing 737-293 N464AC (msn 19309) SEA (Bruce Drum). Image: 102066.

Air California/AirCal aircraft gallery and slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

The Legacy of American Airlines (The American Family Tree) (American Airlines – photos supplied by

AA Heritage timeline poster - FINAL - 24x36.pdf

The American-AirCal amenity kit: Michael B. Ing/

American-AirCal amenity kit (MBI)(HR)

Video: A 1982 AirCal TV commercial – “Watch Us Grow”

Video: Back to the Future with American Airlines:

AG Aviation friend


6 thoughts on “American Airlines introduces the AirCal heritage jet

  1. Jim Thompson

    Ticks a lot of us off they won’t do Lake Central or Mohawk & they helped Build the Airline, not show up as a “Johnny come lately” the way Reno Air did & somewhat with AC, since PSA lead the way on that front. 

    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      Thanks Jim. I wish they would too. However I think they are limiting it to only direct AA merger carriers, i.e. carriers directly merged into AA, not via US. All the best.


  2. Andrew Young (@ajcgyoung)

    Bruce – I love the American ‘Legacy Family Tree’ image shared in this post – what’s the original source? I can’t make out the web-link at the foot.

    Plus – I’d be very interested in similar fayre for the other consolidated majors in the US – do you had any ideas on where I could source it (otherwise I’ll try to make one)..

    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      Thank you Andrew. At their request, we worked with American Airlines as we supplied historic photos (the credit line is for our AG images). AA is very interested in their heritage and history. AA produced this airline family tree and I believe they sell it as a poster. By agreement I can only show a small image online as the copyright is still with AA. You may want to try their employee store as I not sure where you can purchase it.

      I have also seen a similar one for Delta at their Museum in Atlanta.

      All the best.


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