Airline stocks fall today as Delta variant fears rise

The airlines in the United States were seeing a tremendous return of traffic and were adding back a lot of routes and returning laid-off employees and aircraft as the number of COVID-19 new infections dropped.

That changed in early June as summer travel increased.

All of this positive news is now being overshadowed by a gradual rise of new infections of the Delta variant, mainly by unvaccinated people. Is this a temporary blimp or a new trend?

Travel stocks, especially United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and cruise ship lines, are now on the defensive as concerns relating to the more contagious Delta variant increase. Most states are now reporting an increase in cases.

Contrary to this,  the TSA is not reporting a slowdown in airline travel for the month of July:

As traffic returns, airline prices have been on the rise. Will this continue?

Many of the returned routes were to Florida (especially for the coming winter) which is now red on John Hopkins map (above) with the highest increase in new COVID-19 cases.

How will the airlines react if this trend continues?

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