Air Austral operates the first Airbus A220-300 flight between Reunion Island and Mayotte

Air Austral on August 18, as planned, operated the first Airbus A220-300 revenue flight between Reunion island and Mayotte.

This is the first operation of the A220 in the Indian Ocean.

The airline welcomed F-OLAV to the Reunion base on August 13 (total now three A220-300s).

The airline announced the arrival on social media:

After F-OMER and F-OTER, it’s F-OLAV’s turn to land in Reunion. He joined his 2 brothers this morning around 10 Here we offer you some pictures of his arrival.  Air Australia thus loops the renewal of its medium-mail fleet. These planes will take you to the destinations of the Indian Ocean served by the company. More fuel efficient, more efficient and more modern, you’ll enjoy brand new and design cabins.  The first commercial flight is scheduled for Mayotte on August 18th.

All photos by the airline.

Air Austral aircraft slide show:

Air Austral aircraft photo gallery: