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Air Austral operates the first Airbus A220-300 flight between Reunion Island and Mayotte

Air Austral on August 18, as planned, operated the first Airbus A220-300 revenue flight between Reunion island and Mayotte.

This is the first operation of the A220 in the Indian Ocean.

The airline welcomed F-OLAV to the Reunion base on August 13 (total now three A220-300s).

The airline announced the arrival on social media:

After F-OMER and F-OTER, it’s F-OLAV’s turn to land in Reunion. He joined his 2 brothers this morning around 10 Here we offer you some pictures of his arrival.  Air Australia thus loops the renewal of its medium-mail fleet. These planes will take you to the destinations of the Indian Ocean served by the company. More fuel efficient, more efficient and more modern, you’ll enjoy brand new and design cabins.  The first commercial flight is scheduled for Mayotte on August 18th.

All photos by the airline.

Photo: Air Austral Airbus A220-330 (CS300 BD-500-1A11) F-OLAV (msn 55106) (volcano) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 954616.

Delivered on July 28, 2021

Copyright Photo: Air Austral Airbus A220-330 (CS300 BD-500-1A11) F-OLAV (msn 55106) (volcano) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 954616.

Photo: Air Austral Airbus A220-330 (CS300 BD-500-1A11) F-OMER (msn 55116) (shoreline) CDG (Manuel Negrerie). Image: 954599.

Delivered on July 28, 2021

Copyright Photo: Delivered on July 28, 2021: Air Austral Airbus A220-330 (CS300 BD-500-1A11) F-OMER (msn 55116) (shoreline) CDG (Manuel Negrerie). Image: 954599.

Indian Ocean based Air Austral becomes first French Airbus A220 operator

Airbus made this announcement:

The first of the three Airbus A220s for Air Austral, France’s La Réunion Island-based airline, has been delivered from the Airbus A220 Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Mirabel, Canada. The second and third aircraft are expected to join the Air Austral fleet in the coming days.

Airbus is delighted to welcome Air Austral as a new Airbus customer and operator. This A220 will be the first of the type to be operated by a French airline in the Indian Ocean region.

Air Austral has selected the Airbus A220-300 as part of its medium and short-haul fleet modernization plan in order to boost its operational efficiency, offering an enhanced passenger experience in a comfortable two-class cabin layout with 132 seats: 12 in business class and 120 in economy-class.

Bearing the airline’s distinctive livery representing La Reunion Island’s beautiful landscapes, Air Austral will strengthen its regional network with three A220-300s, flying on routes between La Réunion Island and Mauritius, Mayotte, Seychelles, South Africa, Madagascar, and as far as India.

Powered by latest-generation geared turbofan engines, Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G, the A220 is the quietest and most eco-friendly aircraft in its category. The aircraft features a 50% reduced noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft, 25% lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions per seat as well as 50% lower NOx emissions than current industry standards.

To date over 160 A220s have been delivered, operating routes in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa, proving the great versatility of Airbus’ new generation single-aisle family member.

Air Austral’s first Airbus A220 has rolled out of the paint shop in Montreal

Airbus made this announcement on social media:

An exotic ambiance in Québec as Air Austral’s first A220 rolled out of our paint shop, proudly sporting one of the Réunion Island’s sceneries on its tail! A beauty!

Air Austral orders three Airbus A220-300s

Air Austral, France’s Réunion Island-based airline, has signed a firm order for three A220 aircraft, Airbus’ newest family member. With this order Air Austral becomes the first A220 customer based in the Indian Ocean region. Benefiting from a 20% reduction in fuel burn and CO2 emissions, the A220s will enable Air Austral to reduce its costs and carbon footprint on international routes in the region.

The design of the new clean sheet single-aisle aircraft allows for more seats, offering extra revenue potential to airlines, especially to those located in remote areas, and extra usable cargo volume capacity.

The A220 is the only aircraft purpose-built for the 100-150 seat market; it delivers unbeatable fuel efficiency and widebody passenger comfort in a single-aisle aircraft. The A220 brings together state-of-the-art aerodynamics, advanced materials and Pratt & Whitney’s latest-generation PW1500G geared turbofan engines to offer at least a 20 percent lower fuel burn per seat compared to previous generation aircraft, along with significantly lower emissions and a reduced noise footprint. The A220 offers the performance of larger single-aisle aircraft.

The A220 had an order book of over 500 aircraft at the end of September 2019.

Photos: Airbus.

Air Austral’s next two deliveries from Boeing

Air Austral Boeing 777-39M ER F-OLRD (msn 61602) PAE (Nick Dean). Image: 934972.

Air Austral is getting ready to take delivery of its latest Boeing 777-300 ER (it currently has three) and its second Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Each aircraft, decorated in the unique 2014 livery, which carries an unique photo image of the French island in the Indian Ocean.

Top Copyright Photo: Air Austral Boeing 777-39M ER F-OLRD (msn 61602) PAE (Nick Dean). Image: 934972.


Bottom Copyright Photo: Air Austral Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (F-OLRB) (msn 34491) PAE (Nick Dean). Image: 934973.

Air Austral Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (F-OLRB) (msn 34491) PAE (Nick Dean). Image: 934973.

Air Austral moves up the last Boeing 777-200LR revenue flight to October 30

Air Austral (St. Denis, Reunion Island) has now scheduled the last Boeing 777-200 LR (Longer Range) revenue flight for October 30 as flight UU202 from Dzaoudzi (Mayotte Island) and Reunion per Airline Route. This was brought forward from May 30, 2016.

Air Austral 2014 logo

Copyright Photo: John Adlard/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 777-29M LR F-OLRA (msn 40955) is pictured in action at Sydney.

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2014 in Review: New airline liveries introduced in 2014

Here are the major new airline color schemes introduced in 2014 (not including new airlines) (must have aircraft painted). Please click on the photo for the full-size view and the photo credit.

Air Austral 777-300 F-ONOU (14)(Grd) MAN (NF)(LRW)

Air Austral (photo by Nik French)

Air Mandalay

Air North

AirAsia X


Blue Air

China Eastern

easyJet (UK)

Etihad Airways


Frontier Airlines (2nd)

Island Air (Hawaii)

JetBlue Airways (Tartan tail design)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

MetroJet (Russia)

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Star Air (Denmark)




Air Austral paints its first aircraft in the new livery

Air Austral 777-300 F-ONOU (14)(Grd) MAN (NF)(LRW)

Air Austral (Sainte-Marie, Reunion, France) issued its new logo and this announcement (below) (translated from French) in September 2014:

Air Austral 2014 logo

By the end of the year, Air Austral will unveil its first aircraft painted with the new colors of the company just unveiled and then launch a series of new features for fun, comfort and choice of its passengers.

The new logo embodies the values ​​of closeness, trust, excellence and openness so dear to the company. A desire supported by this new slogan:

“You will always be the heart of our company”

The new logo will reflect the friendliness and smile that Air Austral has with his audience and the quality of service.

Now the first aircraft has been painted.

Copyright Photos: Nik French. Boeing 777-3Q8 ER F-ONOU (msn 35783) left a rainy Manchester today in the new look. The new livery features beautiful island images (below).

Air Austral 777-300 F-ONOU (14)(Tail) MAN (NF)(LR)

Air Austral aircraft slide show:

Video: “Air Austral Happy”: