Denver Air Connection expands to Ironwood, MI and Phoenix

Denver Air Connection-DAC (Denver) is taking over the Chicago – Ironwood, MI – Minneapolis/St. Paul EAS route on October 1.

The regional carrier is also extending to the southwest on December 15 when it adds the Telluride – Phoenix route.

DAC has been expanding its fleet.

The carrier also made this announcement:

Denver Air Connection has announced the addition of another Embraer 145LR2 aircraft to its fleet. The newly purchased airplane brings DAC’s Embraer 140/145 series fleet to a total of five, with additional aircraft being examined for purchase.

The Embraer 145 is a reliable 50 seat platform proven in regional and private charter travel. DAC has been successfully operating the E145 jet on private charter and scheduled passenger routes since 2019.

The newly acquired E145 is currently going through extensive maintenance checks and will take to the line with completely new paint and interior. It is expected to enter service in October 2021.

DAC utilizes 2 passenger configured Metroliners, 5 Embraer regional jets, and 7 Dornier 328 Jets (below) on scheduled passenger routes and charter flights.

DAC’s parent company Key Lime Air conducts cargo operation using 17 Metroliner turboprop aircraft and one Embraer Brasilia. Additionally, DAC has a Learjet 24 used on a limited basis for company business and occasional charter.

Denver Air Connection proudly connects many communities to the hub cities of Denver, Chicago O’Hare, Minneapolis, and Phoenix with several additional hubs being added soon.