Hans Airways begins recruitment drive in partnership with Resource Group


Hans Airways (London, UK) is a new start-up. The company has issued this statement:

Delivering on its promise to sign agreements with well-recognized third-party suppliers, Hans Airways will enter into a partnership with Resource Group as the UK start-up airline begins to hire Captains and First Officers for its A330 fleet, allowing it to continue to make progress towards gaining its Air Operator Certificate.

Hans Airways begins recruitment drive

Hans Airways has begun to hire its first flight crew in readiness for the start of operations in late-2021. It will work in partnership with Resource Group to fill these roles as it continues to advance towards obtaining its Air Operator Certificate from the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Hans Airways has entered into a partnership with Swiss company Resource Group, allowing the UK-based start-up airline to commence the recruitment process for the flight crews it needs to continue along the path towards gaining its UK Air Operator Certificate (AOC) later this year. Using its UK subsidiary ContractAir, Resource Group will work alongside Hans Airways in hiring the Captains, First Officers and Training Captains required to fly its planned fleet of A330-200s.

While progress is clearly being made in terms of Hans Airways’ recruitment needs, the airline, which has had its application for its operating and route licenses to serve India published by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, is continuing to make advances with regards to securing its AOC. “We are getting ready for our proving flight in October as part of the process to obtain Hans Airways’ AOC,” explains Burkitt. “We have determined a planned launch date internally, and we will make an announcement once all regulatory requirements are complete.”

The new airline talks about its plans:

Hans Airways Ltd (Company #12278146) is a privately-owned UK start-up airline which was officially founded in October 2019.


We plan to operate a hybrid business model, harnessing the ‘value for money’ approach adopted by low-cost carriers (LCCs) alongside the ‘quality of service’ approach expected from traditional full-service, long-haul airlines.

The origin of Hans Airways lies in experience operating between secondary city pairs in the UK and India which established that there was a high demand for regular flights serving Indian diasporas in Europe and North America. The CEO of Hans Airways was instrumental in setting up a series of charter flights to one of these destinations with Monarch Airlines and Fly Jet Airlines.

Since autumn 2019, extensive discussions have taken place with the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Department for Transport and the appropriate authorities in India. An application for a UK Air Operator Certificate was submitted to the CAA in March 2020 and is expected to be approved in 3Q21.

In terms of our network, the initial focus is on secondary routes between the UK and India, but other markets feature in the long-term plan. Our aircraft will be configured with two classes, featuring Economy Plus and Economy classes, with a high-quality inflight entertainment system. A frequent flyer program is planned, known as HAPEEI, which gives passengers the normal benefits being a member of the loyalty program, but also gives our customers the opportunity to donate to children’s educational charities.