LATAM exceeds 100 million COVID-19 vaccines transported free of charge in South America

LATAM Cargo (Colombia) Boeing 767-316F ER WL N538LA (msn 34628) GRU (Rodrigo Cozzato). Image: 952153.

The LATAM Group exceeded 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines transported free of charge within Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. The initiative is part of LATAM’s “Solidarity Plane,” a program that provides LATAM’s connectivity and passenger and cargo transport capacity for the benefit of South America at no cost.

With more than 10 years of history, LATAM’s “Solidarity Plane” program is part of the Shared Value pillar of the group’s sustainability strategy. It seeks to generate value in society through connectivity. To date, it has mobilized more than 2,400 health professionals and patients with urgent medical needs, and more than 770 tons of cargo, including medical supplies and vaccines, in South America.

Recently, an alliance was announced with solidarity organizations and civil societies in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, making available to them the expertise, infrastructure, connectivity and speed of air transport through tickets and cargo transfer at no cost to the institutions in agreement. This collaboration will be replicated in Colombia in the coming weeks.

Other areas of action of “Solidarity Plane” are:

  • Health Solidarity Plane: Airlift to attend the transportation needs of patients, health professionals and medical supplies; or connecting a patient to a donor through the transport of organs, tissues, and stem cells.

  • Environmental Solidarity Plane: Transportation of flora and fauna for their protection, as well as the transfer of scientists and members of environmental NGOs who travel to protect the South American ecosystem.

  • Natural Disasters Solidarity Plane: Transfer of affected individuals and professionals who travel in support of disasters and humanitarian aid in the event of floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods or volcanic eruptions.

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Top Copyright Photo: LATAM Cargo (Colombia) Boeing 767-316F ER WL N538LA (msn 34628) GRU (Rodrigo Cozzato). Image: 952153.
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