ITA to launch operations with a logo jet with “Born in 2021”

Fabio Lazzerini – CEO and DG of ITA-Italia Transport Aereo said “In 6 days we’re commencing”.
ITA has communicated some details of the “big announcement” scheduled for next Friday.
Since yesterday, the airline has begun to make itself known pending take-off scheduled for next Friday, where the new website will also appear. There will be a video without a brand, because we still don’t know, what we will call ourselves and you will know it next Friday, said Lazzerini. who adds “the brand is historical and well-known, it has its pros and cons, with a glorious history and some stumbling blocks”. From what he said at that price we are not interested in the Alitalia brand. There may be a plan B, as the company has said through President Alfredo Altavilla.
Codeshare and interline agreements start with the departure of international and intercontinental flights. These are the first steps taken by ITA before take-off. There was no shortage of contacts for the alliance, talks have been underway for some time with Air France – KLM – Delta on the one hand and Lufthansa in tandem with United on the other. The decision could be made in the first part of 2022 to start a close commercial and industrial collaboration.
The merger and acquisition starts on October 16, 2021 with an external advisor. Also on the 15th it will be known who will be the consultants already chosen. Milan Linate airport is confirmed as a reference airport for business traffic. It is an important investment, said Lazzerini, many frequencies from the beginning, perhaps more than necessary even to certain destinations, but the slots in the hands is what ITA wants to preserve. In Rome they are there, they can be returned and requested. In Milan Linate if they are not maintained, they are lost and never come back. This is the concept. He believes that between the end of winter 2022 and spring, again 2022, there is a return on investment at Linate.
Rome remains the carrier’s hub, the double theory has paid heavily so far, so Fiumicino remains the focus airport for ITA. In Milan Malpensa there will be one flight a day to New York JFK starting from summer 2022. Then, only the cargo with an alliance with a big player to be identified. Because planes to buy or rent are no longer on the market today. The operation with the “preighters” leaves it aside, in order not to risk that the collapse of the prices of the transport of goods, can quickly lead to the loss of avalanches of money with the return of hold spaces in long-haul scheduled flights.
Meanwhile in Shannon, the first aircraft of the Italian airline appeared freshly painted, on the fuselage a large tricolor message on the fuselage “Born in 2021” and “Operated by ITA” under the glass of the flight deck.
Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.