SAS reports a 130% passenger increase in October over last year

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has issued this traffic report:

In October 1.4 million passengers flew with SAS, an increase of more than 130% compared to the same month last year. Customer demand continues to increase and so does SAS’ capacity, which was 100% higher than the same month last year. The load factor for October was 62%, an improvement of 23 percentage points compared to October last year.

“It’s positive to see that the increase in travelers continues also after the summer season, and that the ticket sales are going up. In October, passengers flying with SAS increased with more than 250.000, compared to September. The ramp-up continues and both capacity and load factor are higher this month. We still face challenges and an unpredictable future, which makes it very important to stay competitive. We have to be agile to be able to respond to changes in customer demand going forward,” says Anko van der Werff, President & CEO of SAS.

SAS scheduled traffic Oct21 Change1 Nov20- Oct21 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 2,369 93.5% 16,585 -25.8%
RPK (Mill.) 1,426 212.1% 7,748 –41.6%
Passenger load factor 60.2% 22.9 pp 46.7% -12.6 pp
No. of passengers (000) 1,349 127.6% 7,380 -40.1%


Geographical development, schedule Oct21           vs.          Oct20 Nov20- Oct21   vs.   Nov19-Oct20
Intercontinental 266.5% 101.8% -73.9% -31.2%
Europe/Intrascandinavia 420.7% 188.5% -28.0% -27.3%
Domestic 43.5% 2.1% -26.2% -16.8%


SAS charter traffic Oct21 Change1 Nov20- Oct21 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 140 379.0% 667 -33.8%
RPK (Mill.) 121 399.5% 508 -41.4%
Load factor 86.3% 3.6 pp 76.2% -9.9 pp
No. of passengers (000) 45 371.5% 205 -30.6%


SAS total traffic (scheduled and charter) Oct21 Change1 Nov20- Oct21 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 2,509 100.2% 17,253 -26.2%
RPK (Mill.) 1,547 221.5% 8,256 -41.6%
Load factor 61.6% 23.3 pp 47.9% -12.6 pp
No. of passengers (000) 1,394 131.5% 7,585 -39.9%

1 Change compared to same period last year, p p = percentage points

Preliminary yield and PASK Oct21 Nominal change1 FX adjusted change
Yield, SEK 1.11 -8.2% -9.6%
PASK, SEK 0.67 48.1% 45.7%
Punctuality (arrival 15 min) 81.1%
Regularity 98.4%
Change in total COemissions -34.3%
Change in COemissions per available seat kilometer, -11.9%
Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions 53.7%


RPK – Revenue passenger kilometers

ASK – Available seat kilometers
Load factor – RPK/ASK
Yield – Passenger revenues/RPK (scheduled)

PASK – Passenger revenues/ASK (scheduled)

Change in COemissions per available seat kilometers – SAS passenger related carbon emissions divided with total available seat kilometers (incl non-revenue and EuroBonus tickets), rolling 12 months vs rolling 12 months previous year

Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions – Share of SAS passenger related carbon emissions compensated by SAS (EuroBonus members, youth tickets and SAS’ staff travel) during the month

From fiscal year 2020 we report change in CO2 emissions in total and per Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) to align with our overall goal to reduce our total CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025, compared to 2005.