Japan Airlines updates its international network plan through March 26, 2022

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced additional revisions to its international network plans between January 28,2022 to February 28,2022 on the route for Seoul and on the route frequency plan for each direction except for the Seoul route for March 01 to March 26,2022.

*1. The JAL provides JAL “Corona cover”

*2, which covers medical, testing, and isolation expenses for those who test positive for the new coronavirus infection while traveling.

JAL has extended the service period from January 10, 2022 to March 31, 2022 and will continue to provide full support for customers’ travel. JAL will continue to provide safe and secure travel experience.

Note 1:The Beijing route plan for March 01-26was already announced on December 02.
Note 2:Extending the period of support for international travel, ”JAL Corona Cover”

✓ In order to strengthen the network between Asia and North America, we will change the operating days of the Tokyo Haneda – Los Angeles route increase the number of flights on the Tokyo Narita – Hong Kong route.

 In order to improve the convenience of customers traveling to and from destinations other than Tokyo, such as for relocation or return to their home country, we will continue to offer the following services.

Kansai-Los Angeles flights, increase Los Angeles-Kansai flights, and establish London-Kansai and
Dallas/Fort Worth-Chubu flights. * =Both ways. -One way.

Extra flights on the following flights.(March01-March26.)