Flyr adds service to Geneva

Fly (Oslo) is adding the Oslo – Geneva route today with Boeing 737-800 LN-DYS.

The airline announced on social media:

We enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps on our first trip to Geneva today.

In other news, the new airline issued this traffic report for January:

In January, Flyr had a total of 30,042 travelers in 13 destinations. Flyr’s production in January was adapted to the reduced demand in the market, which has led to increased omicron infection and stricter infection control measures. Flyr’s total capacity in January, with three operational aircraft, amounted to 53.5 million seat kilometers (ASK), with a filling rate of 53.7 per cent. The average filling level since start-up is 47.6 percent. – The recommendation for a home office and the new measures that were introduced in December immediately affected aviation and led to a sharp reduction in bookings also for travel in January, says Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid, CEO of Flyr.

Considering the situation, we are satisfied with the degree of filling we achieved during the month, says Wikstrøm Frislid. The unit income (PASK) for January was NOK 0.24, corresponding to the average PASK since start-up. The traffic figures for the month show that Flyr achieved a regularity of 97.6 percent and an arrival punctuality of 72 percent. The development in punctuality is affected by the winter storms we experienced in January.

Flyr had its first flight on June 30, 2021 and has since then had a total of 305,924 passengers on board. The airline was established during the Covid-19 pandemic with the goal of building a sustainable and profitable business model, adapted to market demand. Expansion plans and the grid will be adjusted continuously depending on the pandemic situation.

Flyr currently operates five aircraft on domestic routes in Norway and to European destinations. The ambition is to increase the production capacity of 12-18 aircraft by the end of 2022.

Route Map: