Sky Express increases its flights to Crete for the summer season

Sky Express (Greece) Airbus A320-251N WL SX-NIG (msn 9456) (Greece is bliss) BRU (Ton Jochems). Image: 957132.

Sky express strengthens Crete even more in order to increase the connectivity of the island, create the conditions for arrival of visitors and lengthen the period with premium visitors.

Specifically, in the upcoming period of time, the airline of the new era will directly connect Crete with Brussels, eight French cities (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Marseille, Havre, La Rochele, Châteauroux), three Polish cities (Warsaw, Rzeszów, Gdansk), Lisbon, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Billund, Denmark, but also Timisoara, Romania.

In addition, from the airports of the two major cities, there will be routes to five domestic destinations, namely Athens, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Volos and Karpathos, while the airport of Sitia continues to serve domestic flights to Preveza and Alexandroupoli.

The country’s youngest and greenest fleet and one of the most environmentally friendly in Europe unites Crete with a network of domestic and European cities, contributing actively to the further promotion of the island as a top choice in terms of tourism and entrepreneurship. At the same time, through the strategic agreements with global carriers such as Air France, KLM, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Condor, El Al, Middle East Airlines, Transavia, Air Transat and easyJet, SKY express creates additional conditions for interconnection with its entire internal network.

For the rest of the summer schedule:

New destinations are added to the existing network of London, Paris, Rome, Brussels and Larnaca. Amsterdam, Lisbon, Lyon, Lille, Marseille and Nantes, Copenhagen and Bilud, Denmark, Warsaw and the cities of Gdansk, Poznan, Rzeszów and Wroclaw in Poland, Tallinn in Estonia and Timisoara in Romania will enhance SKY express’ flight work for this summer.

Top Copyright Photo: Sky Express (Greece) Airbus A320-251N WL SX-NIG (msn 9456) (Greece is bliss) BRU (Ton Jochems). Image: 957132.

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