Nouvelair expands operations to Europe

Nouvelair has announced a major expansion of flights to Europe.

The carrier will fly 76 frequencies per week to eight French cities (Paris, Nantes, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse and Strasbourg) this summer.

Nouvelair will also fly from Tunis and Djerba to Brussels.

The airline already operates to seven German cities and recently on March 29 resumed flights to London (Gatwick).

Nouvelair Tunisie (IATA code: BJ ; ICAO code: LBT) is the first Tunisian private airline created in October 1989.

It is part of “Tunisian Travel Service” (TTS), the first Tunisian group in the travel business. The fleet is composed of Airbus A320s with 177 and 180 seats configurations.

Nouvelair Tunisie operates from more than 130 European airports across more than 30 countries to Tunisia.

Nouvelair aircraft photo gallery: