ITA Airways is renewed all in the name of Made in Italy, including new uniforms

The new carrier has made this announcement:

In the week of Festa della Repubblica (the Italian Republic Day), which marks Italy’s most symbolic anniversary, ITA Airways sets another milestone in its evolution as the new Italian national flagship carrier.

In a period slightly over 6 months from the begin of its flight operations on October 15, 2021, which represents a record time in the airline industry, and in an unexpected and complex international context, ITA Airways is delivering on its plan featuring a strong focus on Made in Italy and sustainability, courtesy of the commitment and dedication of the Company’s entire workforce.

In fact, the new Airbus A350 – a first for Italy and for the Company – is the new Ambassador of ITA Airways in the world, boasting the skillful craftsmanship of three prestigious Italian talents, in the evolution of its image:

– The new uniforms created by the ITA Airways team with the kind stylistic consultancy of Brunello Cucinelli – The new aircraft interiors created by designer Walter De Silva
– The new on-board catering designed by Michelin-starred chef Enrico Bartolini

The emblem of excellence, style, elegance, taste and, in a single word, Italian creativity becomes an integral part of ITA Airways and underlines the Company’s strong ties with the territory and the passions of Italians, first of all sports.

To confirm the strong link with the Italian spirit, on  June 1, ITA Airways will be flying the Italian national football team to the match against the Argentinian national team that will be played at the Wembley Stadium in London.

The special ITA Airways flight carrying the Italian national team represents the kick-off of the flagship carrier’s renewed collaboration with the world of sports, to which the new livery of its Airbus A319, A320, A330 and A350 aircraft named after the great champions of Italian sports history is dedicated.

On June 2, the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new ITA Airways Roma Fiumicino – Buenos Aires flight will be attended by Roberto Baggio. Named after the famous Italian soccer champion, the Airbus A350 operating the new Rome FCO – Buenos Aires route will see flying for the first time the Company’s new uniforms, its new catering, and new interiors. The Airbus A350 will be the first aircraft to sport all the Company’s new on-board features, which will be gradually introduced throughout its fleet.

“The idea of this stylistic consultancy with ITA Airways certainly stems from a common vocation, which aims at transferring the style of fine Italian clothing also through the uniforms of the cabin crew,” commented Brunello Cucinelli, “this to represent an image of Italy that is recognized internationally as the cradle of a culture inspired by beauty, art and traditions. All this will be achieved also through the great contribution of the medium-sized Italian enterprises that will produce them, following this new idea developed together with ITA Airways’.

“To create the ITA Airways on-board gastronomic proposal, we were inspired by the culinary excellence of our country, the tradition of Italian cuisine made with high-quality raw materials combined to a contemporary approach, which is at the same time simple and elegant and provides to customers a service that has Italy in its heart. I am honored to be part of the team of chefs who will take turns for the catering offer on board: this is a truly innovative project of our flagship carrier and represents an extraordinary message of great national harmony and international breath,” said Enrico Bartolini.

“Design is a transversal and universal language and the interior of an aircraft, like any space in motion, is a place to be shared. A place that, as it revolves more and more around travelers, enters directly and profoundly into the mood and state of mind of every single person,” said Walter De Silva. “In the project with ITA Airways, the idea of borrowing Gino Paoli’s famous song ‘Il Cielo in una stanza’ (‘The Sky in a Room’) immediately crossed my mind, because it brings back to the interior of an aircraft a pleasant sensation that is consistent with the mode chosen for a journey above the clouds.”


On 2 June, for the celebration for the Italian Republic Day, three Airbus A350-900 aircraft will be in operation.
Having arrived at Fiumicino a few weeks ago, they are now ready to enter service, while waiting for the fourth unit planned to join the fleet in the next few days.

ITA Airways once again confirms the sustainability plan for its fleet, which will ensure that 75% of its aircraft will be of New Generation by 2025. This will enable the Company to become one of the greenest in Europe and have one of the youngest fleets in the civil aviation industry.

The new Airbus A350-900 features 334 seats, including 33 full-flat bed seats in Business and 39 seats in Comfort Economy ensuring more legroom. The introduction of the Airbus A350 in the ITA Airways fleet, represents an important step towards sustainability in line with the international ‘Fit for 55’ protocol, whose objectives are shared by ITA Airways.

The A350 is lighter, quieter, and more efficient than any previous generation aircraft.

A 70% weight reduction has been achieved courtesy of advanced, lighter materials, for 70 percent of the airframe, while cutting-edge aerodynamics and the highly efficient Rolls-Royce aeroengine (the Trent XWB) optimize range and payload for greater efficiency.

In fact, thanks to the new aircraft, ITA Airways will benefit from a reduction of more than 20 percent in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per seat. On the A350-900, every detail has been designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind, from the 3D curved windshield to the way the flaps uniquely deploy along the line of flight. This state-of-the-art, nature-inspired aerodynamics includes a unique wing morphing technology that continuously optimises the wing profile to reduce drag and lower fuel burn.


The genius of the designer Walter De Silva was inspired by the idea of bringing back a pleasant as well as coherent sensation to the interior of the aircraft, one that was consistent with the choice of a journey above the clouds. Comfort, elegance, simplicity, materials and colours were the starting point for designing the new ITA Airways aircraft interiors. All this with the aim of satisfying the need for ‘people centricity’. Blue and sand are the predominant colours, but the most important feature is the progressive set-up of the lighting, which changes seamlessly based on the different situations on board (boarding – take off – fly – dinner – lunch – sun rise – sun set – night). This last option will be available only on long-haul flights where it represents an added value for the quality of life on board.

The whole project naturally complies with today’s keyword in all sectors: sustainability which is also one of the pillars of ITA Airways. In this sense, the design on board of ITA Airways aircraft does not waste, is economically efficient and has the task of conveying emotions, with the aim of improving people’s lives by generating profit that can be reinvested in welfare.

NEW UNIFORMS – a creative project developed by the ITA Airways team with the kind stylistic consultancy of Brunello Cucinelli

‘’Italy of small things that make the biggest difference and of things done well that are good for the heart.”

This is the core of the kind stylistic consultancy offered by Brunello Cucinelli for the creation of ITA Airways uniforms. Both companies are flagships of made in Italy and share a common vocation: to bring Italian style into the world, or in other words, an Italy that can continue to be recognised internationally as the cradle of a culture, inspired by the beauty of its landscapes, art, and traditions.

This is the message of Brunello Cucinelli, who uses regeneration as a point of reference in the development of his style. The entire process, which led to the stylistic consultancy for the new uniforms was inspired by sustainability and ‘Made in Italy’; it is a project with a very clear vision and which, above all, has concrete benefits for the Italian production system. In this context, in fact, Brunello Cucinelli, who was guided exclusively by the passion for this project, without any economic return, gave his stylistic contribution to the creative development of the models. Once these models are defined, they will then be produced and manufactured by an array of medium-sized Italian enterprises as a testament to ITA Airways’ focus on the national system.

The men’s uniform consists of a dry-fitting jacket and trouser suit with a one-and-a-half-breasted jacket, in which the man’s upper body and shoulders are enhanced. For the woman, both a jacket and trouser combo and the traditional combination with a skirt were chosen, to balance a refined sartorial elegance with a contemporary touch given by clean lines and volumes.

The new uniforms will enter service on the entire fleet progressively over the next few months. This gradual approach is intended precisely to avoid wasting money by managing the end-of-stock of old uniforms and thus making the operation neutral with respect to the Company’s budget.

These include the following items for the Women’s and Men’s wardrobe:

Women: Coat, mackintosh, double-breasted jacket, trousers, skirt, blouse, t-shirt, waistcoat, cardigan, and dress. Women’s accessories: blue scarf, beige scarf, gloves, bag, and scarf.

Men: Coat, mackintosh, padded waistcoat, double-breasted suit, shirt, long-sleeved V-neck, and V-neck waistcoat. Men’s accessories: blue tie, grey tie, gloves, belt, and scarf.


For the new on-board gastronomic proposal, ITA Airways has developed a creative idea guided by a vision that would allow all customers not only to experience Italian quality, but to place it in context according to specific themes. A project offering an experience that represents real added value for passengers and for the national gastronomic chain. Guided by this vision, from 2 June on board all intercontinental flights in the ITA Airways network, customers will travel through new fragrances and new flavors inspired by the excellence of our country, in a simple and elegant style marked by the talent of the Italian chefs who will take turns in the on-board service. Periodically, depending on the identification of specific themes, several internationally renowned Italian chefs and young talents recognized by their community as highly promising will alternate in the on-board food and wine proposal. This approach represents a uniqueness in the airline industry and aims to offer to the Italian culinary excellence the opportunity to provide a varied experience in a unique environment.

ITA Airways is proving to be spreading Italian talent, and the first to get on board is Italy’s most star-studded chef, Enrico Bartolini, who is characterised by a contemporary approach to transforming luxury into simplicity and offering customers a service that has Italy in its heart. With Bartolini, traditional Italian dishes will be served in Business class, such as a reinterpretation of pappa al pomodoro (served as a hot first course) and chicken hip with Amalfi scents. The menu will be enriched with desserts, coffee, and beverages – all examples of Italian delicacies.

Names of the upcoming Chefs will be unveiled progressively, to offer each of them a world-class showcase and the opportunity to study the best proposal to make the journey an all-embracing experience. This new “food & beverage” offer of ITA Airways will provide passengers with a totally renewed menu also in economy class, which offers only products produced in Italy and connected to the country’s gastronomic tradition.


ITA Airways’ new advertising campaign “DESTINATION: YOU” will also be launched on June 1.

The campaign revolves around the concept of “people-centricity” and – by showing significant images of the new ITA Airways features, such as the new Airbus 350, the new uniforms, the new interiors, and the new gastronomic proposal – it will tell the stories of 3 passengers on board alternating them with emotional flashbacks of the experience behind each story, because “our flights don’t unite only cities, they unite your stories”. We will therefore discover that behind every traveler and every flight experience there are values such as friendship, love, family that turn every story and every journey into a special moment.

The campaign will start on June 1 with a 60″ TV spot aired during the Italy-Argentina match and from June 2, the Italian Republic Day, it will be on air on the main TV networks in 60″ and 30″ formats, as also in the main national newspapers and on the main news websites and web portals.

In the days to follow, the planning will be joined by important digital maxi-billboards in Rome and Milan to cover key areas and guarantee a selected presence in the periodical press.

The advertising campaign will also be adapted in international markets. And it will be the occasion to launch the Company’s new payoff “The Italian Airline” which will be used from now on for all communication activities towards customers worldwide.


ITA Airways continues to work for the future, developing new ideas and new proposals which are always characterised by a vision that aims at customer satisfaction and the uniqueness of projects. In the coming months it will announce some important partnerships with world leaders in specific sectors.

Coffee in Italy is “an experience”, it is among the icons of our culture. ITA Airways wants to bring this experience on board and wants to do so as a protagonist.

Attention to wellness is another pillar of Italian culture. The Company is working to offer unique experiences on board its aircraft that will transform the journey into a moment to take care of oneself and one’s body.


Starting tomorrow, June 1, ITA Airways new destinations from Rome Fiumicino to Los Angeles and Sao Paulo will kick off, while the first flight to Buenos Aires will depart on June 2.

The Rome – Buenos Aires flight is operated with the Company’s new A350 with 5 weekly frequencies every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Rome and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Buenos Aires. The frequencies in August will become daily.

In addition, thanks to the code share agreement with Aerolíneas Argentinas, ITA Airways customers will be able to reach 34 domestic destinations in Argentina every day, connecting via Buenos Aires, and by purchasing a single ticket.

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The new Rome – Sao Paulo flight is operated with 5 weekly frequencies every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from Rome and every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from Sao Paulo and will be daily from August. These new routes will allow ITA Airways to start expanding in South America, which has always been a favorite destination for Italian holidays and a destination with the highest population of Italian origin, as well as a very important market along with the United States for business and cargo traffic.

Starting June 6, the code share agreement with AZUL – Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras will be active, offering ITA Airways passengers the opportunity to reach 8 destinations within Brazil, connecting via São Paulo.

The launch of these new routes consolidates the process of expansion in the US market, which aims to reach a total of 42 weekly flights between the United States and Italy by August. Moreover, through the code share agreement signed last year with Delta, there are more than 130 domestic destinations that ITA Airways customers can access through the hubs in the domestic network of the American company, with 40 destinations served through New York JFK and an array of equally important connections from Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles offered to meet the needs of business and leisure customers.

Moreover, the multiple offers of the Rome Fiumicino hub will allow ITA Airways to be the reference carrier from the United States to Italy and via Rome to Europe and the Mediterranean for the Italian community and the main communities of the Mediterranean countries.

In fact, the 2022 ITA Airways summer season will also feature the most popular Mediterranean destinations with new flights to the islands of Italy, including Sardinia served from both Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate, as well as Spain, Greece and Croatia, and seasonal flights in August from Rome FCO and Milan Linate to Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Corfu, Heraklion, Rhodes, Ibiza, Menorca, and Majorca. Also, in August the destinations of Kefalonia, Dubrovnik and Split will be served from Rome FCO and Thessaloniki from Milan Linate.

The North American and South American markets are also of primary importance for ITA Airways’ Cargo development strategy, given the importance of import and export traffic flows between Italy and the United States and the demand for related transport services by manufacturing companies, with reference to Made in Italy manufacturing, to the export of agri-food and automotive-related products and the transportation of pharmaceutical products. The expansion of the number of flights and the portfolio of U.S. destinations, therefore, enriches the ITA Airways cargo offer, with direct and connecting transport solutions to and from the main cities in the United States and Europe, which will be further strengthened with the progressive use of the latest generation Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft, featuring greater load capacity and lower CO2 emissions.

Launched in early March, ITA Airways 2022 summer season includes 63 new destinations, of which 22 are domestic, 34 are international and 7 are intercontinental. Thanks to code share agreements with the major international carriers, ITA Airways is continuing to grow its network via partnerships with other global carriers – giving a privileged access route to the markets of greatest interest for the Company, firstly and foremostly in Europe and America, but also in Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Codeshare agreements enable ITA Airways to reach the entire domestic network of other international carriers with direct flights from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate to their hubs. In all, 24 codeshare agreements have been signed so far, for a total of over 300 destinations served on which ITA Airways will use its own codes.

Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.

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