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Azza Air Transport 707 struggled to gain altitude

Azza Air Transport (Khartoum) Boeing 707-330C ST-AKW (msn 20123) struggled to gain altitude before it crashed yesterday in Sharjah (near Dubai) according to eyewitnesses. The captain managed to crash the classic airliner on a road avoiding the populated areas. The freighter was operating for Sudan Airways.

A Sharjah Airport camera captured the airliner taking off and making a hard turn to the right before crashing. One witness saw something falling from the airliner which can be seen in the video (commentary in Arabic from YouTube):


News link with a video:


Picture of ST-AKW before it crashed:


Azza Transport Boeing 707-330C ST-AKW crashes

Azza Transport Company (Khartoum) lost its Boeing 707-330C ST-AKW (msn 20123) on takeoff at Sharjah today (October 21). The classic airliner crashed two miles from the airport and burned. The airframe was originally delivered to Lufthansa as D-ABUJ on February 27, 1969. Since then it has also served with Condor, United Arab Emirates (A6-DPA), Sudan Airways (ST-AKW) and Ibis Air Transport (P4-AKW) as well as other carriers.  The six crew members died in the crash.

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