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A special “La Casa di Carta” Netflix premiere flight on Air Horizont 9H-AMW

Air Horizont’s had a very special livery that lasted only a few hours.

On September 3, 2021, Air Horizont Boeing 737-4Q8 9H-AMW became the canvas for a very unique, but limited, special livery.

2021 Netflix "La Casa di Carta" special livery

Netflix chartered the aircraft for the special flight.

Netflix presented the fifth installment of the La Casa di Carta series. The presentation of the show was made while overflying the Tyrenhian Sea from Genoa and back.
The flight lasted 4 hours and 46 minutes.

A Salvador Dali face mask was featured on the tail, ticket counters and the seats and special “La Casa di Carta” fuselage titles were incorporated in the special scheme.

The special markings were accomplished in a hangar at Milan Malpensa. On Thursday afternoon as flight HAT443P,  the jet was moved to Genoa. The check-in area was also decorated.

Plane flew with 100 passengers onboard.

The iPads were used by the passengers to view the program in a preview from the scheduled broadcasting on Netflix.

The special markings were quickly removed after the special flight.

Photos by Fabio Felini of Cielo Aviation and Aeroporto di Genova.

Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.

Top Copyright Photo: Air Horizont Boeing 737-4Q8 9H-AMW (msn 26281) (La Casa di Carta – Netflix) MXP (Marco Finelli). Image: 954904.

Air Horizont aircraft slide show: