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Air France implements temperature checks on departure

Air France Boeing 777-228 ER F-GSPX (msn 32698) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 949941.

Air France has made this announcement:

From May 11, 2020 and to ensure the highest level of health and safety, Air France will progressively implement temperature checks on departure from all its flights. These systematic checks will be carried out with contactless infrared thermometers.

A body temperature below 38°C will be required to travel. Customers whose temperature is higher than this may be denied boarding and their reservation will be changed at no extra charge on a flight at a later date.

On May 11, 2020, the wearing of masks will also be made compulsory on all flights operated by Air France, in application of the French directive on the wearing of masks on public transport.

Customers will be notified of these new measures via all communication channels (e-mail, sms, websites) prior to their departure.

These measures are in addition to those implemented by Air France and its partners in response to the COVID-19 health crisis, which include:

  • The compulsory wearing of masks for all crew members and agents in contact with customers,
  • The modification of customer channels at the airport, with the application of physical distancing measures throughout the airport and the installation, where possible, of Plexiglas protection screens at airports,
  • The implementation of physical distancing on board where possible. On almost all flights, the current low load factors make it possible to separate customers as required. In cases where this is not possible, requiring all passengers and crew to wear masks ensures adequate health protection.
  • The reinforcement of daily aircraft cleaning procedures, with the disinfection of all surfaces in contact with customers such as armrests, tables and screens,
  • The introduction of a specific procedure for disinfecting aircraft by spraying an approved virucidal product with an effective duration of ten days,
  • Adapting in-flight service to limit interaction between customers and crew members. On domestic flights and short flights in Europe, meal and beverage services have been suspended. On long-haul flights, cabin service is limited and preference is given to individually wrapped products.

In addition, the air in the cabin is renewed every 3 minutes. The air recycling system on board Air France aircraft is equipped with “High Efficiency Particulate Air” or HEPA filters, identical to those used in hospital operating theatres. These filters extract more than 99.99% of the smallest viruses, including those no larger than 0.01 micrometres, thus ensuring that cabin air complies with quality standards. Coronavirus type viruses, ranging in size from 0.08 to 0.16 micrometres, are filtered through the HEPA filters.


We follow strict hygiene procedures to enhance your safety. Before each and every departure, our aircrafts are thoroughly cleaned, including:
– Vacuuming of carpets and all seats.
– Cleaning of all hard surfaces (e.g. tablets, armrests, screens, remote controls and toilets) with approved disinfectants
– Systematic changing of blankets, sealed under protective plastic film packaging for optimal hygiene
– Since the outbreak of the virus, cushions have been removed on short and medium-haul flights.
On long-haul flights to and from high-risk areas, cushions are cleaned between each flight with an approved disinfectant.


In order to provide you with the highest level of safety, we have put in place additional hygiene protocols. All aircraft originating from high-risk countries are completely disinfected using approved cleaning sprays.



Air France reminds passengers that the health and safety of its customers and staff is an absolute priority. All the airline’s teams are fully mobilized to ensure the highest levels of health and safety for its customers and to ensure they travel in complete confidence.

Top Copyright Photo: Air France Boeing 777-228 ER F-GSPX (msn 32698) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 949941.

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Air France announces its 2019-2020 winter schedule

Air France Boeing 777-228 ER F-GSPS (msn 32306) IAD (Brian McDonough). Image: 946302.

Air France has made this announcement:

For its next winter schedule, Air France is reinforcing its long-haul and medium-haul networks. The company will offer its customers more flights to Santiago de Chile (Chile), Washington (United States), Naples (Italy), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Marrakech (Morocco), and will continue its service to Belgrade (Serbia) inaugurated in summer 2019.

More flights to Santiago de Chile

Next winter, the company will be adding frequencies on its Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Santiago de Chile route, increasing from 7 to 10 flights per week. Three weekly flights operated by Boeing 787 will complete the daily service operated by Boeing 777.

Copyright Photo: Kok Chwee (K.C.) Sim.

Flight schedules (in local time):

  • AF402: departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 10:10 am, arrival in Santiago de Chile at 8:35 pm;
  • AF403: departure from Santiago de Chile at 22:55, arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 16:50 the next day.
    Flights operated on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays by Boeing 787.
  • AF406: departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 23:40, arrival in Santiago de Chile at 10:10 the next day;
  • AF401: departure from Santiago de Chile at 16:45, arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 10:45 the next day.
    Daily flights by Boeing 777.

More flights to Washington

For the 2019-20 winter season, Air France is increasing its flight capacity between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Washington, from 7 to 11 flights per week. Four weekly flights operated by Airbus A330 will complete the daily service by Boeing 777.

Flight schedules (in local time):

  • AF026: departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 16:40, arrival in Washington at 19:40;
  • AF027: departure from Washington at 21:30, arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 11:15 the next day.
    Flights operated on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday by Airbus A330.
  • AF054: departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 13:40, arrival in Washington at 16:30;
  • AF055: departure from Washington at 18:35, arrival in Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 8:05 the next day.
    Daily flights by Boeing 777.

A daily flight between Paris and Belgrade

Since March 31, 2019, Air France has been offering its customers a daily flight to Belgrade from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. These daily services will continue throughout the 2019-2020 winter season.

Flight schedules (in local time):


  • AF1660: departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 11:00, arrival in Belgrade at 13:25;
  • AF1661: departure from Belgrade at 14:10, arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 16:35.
    Daily flights by Airbus A320.

In addition, with its partner Air Serbia, Air France will offer a total of 19 weekly flights between Paris and Belgrade (7 flights operated by Air France and 12 code-share flights operated by Air Serbia).

More flights to Naples, Ljubljana and Marrakech

For its next winter schedule, Air France is doubling its offer of flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Naples and will offer its customers two daily flights.

The company is also doubling the number of flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Ljubljana, from 6 to 13 weekly flights.

Finally, Air France is increasing its offer between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Marrakech, from 6 to 12 weekly flights.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by the airline): Air France Boeing 777-228 ER F-GSPS (msn 32306) IAD (Brian McDonough). Image: 946302.

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Air France launches new service to Seattle/Tacoma

Air France Boeing 777-228 ER F-GSPY (msn 32305) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 907499.

On March 25, 2018, Air France began to offer its customers a nonstop service between Seattle/Tacoma and Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

Air France will operate up to 5 weekly peak season flights between Seattle/Tacoma and Paris-CDG on a Boeing 777-200 equipped with the latest cabins and a quality in-flight experience.

Air France returns to Seattle/Tacoma, their 12th U.S. gateway, to serve the growing customer base and Delta’s growing hub.

Flights will be operated 3 times weekly  on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

During peak summer season (June 19 – September 1), flights become five times weekly with additional Monday and Tuesday operations.

Air France celebrated the arrival of the inaugural flight from Paris with a ceremonial water cannon salute greeting the Boeing 777-200 and a gate side ribbon cutting led by Stéphane Ormand, Vice President and General Manager, USA – Air France KLM, along with Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commissioner; Stephen Metruck, Executive Director, Port of Seattle and Elizabeth Skinner, Air France Seattle’s Station Manager.


Air France’s In-Flight Experience:

  • The Business cabin features 180-degree flat beds, direct aisle access at every seat, HD inflight entertainment, video handset controls and more storage.
  • Premium Economy cabin provides 40% more space, individual power ports, larger table, and SkyPriority on the ground. Premium Economy cabin on 777-200s feature softer seat cushion, larger tray tables, and more foot rest positions.
  • The Economy cabin on the 777-200 fleet features an added inch of legroom, in-seat power ports and larger HD screens.
  • Passengers can experience the best that France has to offer with on-demand francophone film and music, menus by Michelin-starred chefs in Business, uniforms by Christian Lacroix, and complimentary French wines, beers, spirits, and Champagne in all cabins. 

A Powerful Network Between Europe and the US

With the new connection, Paris-Charles de Gaulle becomes a global hub, connecting passengers to over 160 cities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Air France and the Paris airport authority have invested over $743 million to enhance the customer experience by moving flight operations closer together in the newest facilities, opening pedestrian connection channels, adding clearer signage, and expanding passenger amenities. These new amenities include:

  • Interactive service kiosks, one hour of free Wi-Fi, refurbished lounges, expanded shopping and dining options.
  • The 24/7 Instant Paris transfer lounge with an airside hotel and other amenities in Hall L of terminal 2E, in addition to the six Air France lounges, welcomes connecting passengers travelling in all classes with more than three hours between flights or local passengers who wish to drop off their baggage the day before an early morning flight.
  • Air France reopened an expanded and completely redesigned Business class lounge in Hall L of Paris-CDG Terminal 2E on January 25, 2018. The new lounge features open kitchen dining, a well-being area staffed by Clarins beauticians, saunas, larger showers, and new digital art installations.

With over 270 transatlantic flights and a fleet of close to 140 aircraft, the joint venture between Air France-KLM, Alitalia and Delta Air Lines offers customers the benefits of a vast network offering more frequencies, preferential rates and harmonized services across the Atlantic. The joint venture allows customers to access more than 270 destinations beyond the 27 North American gateways and offers over 215 destinations beyond the 30 European gateways throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. This new destination in the US is in addition to the flights operated as part of the joint venture with Delta Air Lines.

Top Copyright Photo: Air France Boeing 777-228 ER F-GSPY (msn 32305) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 907499.

Air France aircraft slide show: