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Flying Green is a proposed new airline to be based at Paris Orly

Flying Green is a new proposed airline that wants to fly Airbus A320neos with a portion of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The airline, if successful, will be based at Paris (Orly).

The proposed airline offers its project and commitment:

The project:

Create and develop a premium and eco-responsible French airline.

Combine economic performance, minimal ecological footprint and high-level technical skills.

The only full-digital French airline composed of a fleet of latest-generation aircraft that is quieter and consumes 20% less fuel.

Start of activities in ORLY with a mainly medium-haul network

Flight safety and the “French excellence” customer experience for our passengers remain the company’s priorities.

“Flying Green is committed to implementing all existing technologies that are most efficient for the environment from the beginning of its operation. It wants to be the quietest airline and aims to be the first “net zero CO2 emission” by adapting, as and when, to new certified technologies in order to maintain a high level of safety. A passenger traveling with Flying Green will thus reduce their CO2 emissions by an average of 16%.”

The proposed airline will soon enter the fundraising phase followed by the certification phase.

The new entry hopes to launch operations in 2023.