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United’s last Boeing 737 arrives at SFO right before sunset

United 737-300 N331UA (04)(Salute) SFO (DB)(LR)

Copyright Photo: Mark Durbin. N331UA gets the final water cannon salute.

United 737-300 N331UA (04)(Grd) SFO (DB)(LR)

Copyright Photo: Mark Durbin. N331UA arrives at SFO.

United Airlines (Chicago) as previously reported, retired the last Boeing 737 on Wednesday evening (October 28). Despite a snowstorm in Denver, Boeing 737-322 N331UA (msn 24192) arrived at the San Francisco base ironically just as the sun was setting. The airport gave the traditional water cannon salute on landing ending an long era.

United’s N331UA to operate the last 737 flight

United Airlines (Chicago) will operate the last Boeing 737 revenue between Salt Lake City and San Francisco tomorrow (October 27, 2009) with 737-322 N329UA (msn 24149). The pictured 737-322 N331UA (msn 24192) has been selected to operate the last UA 737 flight after more than 41 years. N331UA will operate a “farewell flight” on Wednesday October 28, 2009 between Washington (Dulles) and San Francisco via planned extended stops at the Chicago (O’Hare), Denver and Los Angeles hubs. N331UA will depart IAD around 0600 and arrive at SFO around 1800 on the historic goodbye flight. Both airliners will ferry to Victorville, CA for storage the following day. This week we will have a special salute of 41 years of Boeing 737s at United Airlines in the Airliners Gallery.

Copyright Photo: Brian McDonough.

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