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Sunkar Air is a new airline in Kazakhstan

Sunkar Air logo

Sunkar Air (Almaty) is a new airline in Kazakhstan. The new company has taken delivery of its first aircraft and plans to commence charter operations this month according to kazpravda.kz. Former United Airlines and ATA Airlines (last operated by Small Planet Airlines) Boeing 737-322 LY-AQX (msn 24664) was delivered to the new airline on June 18 according to Skyliner Aviation News.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

PAL Airlines of Chile suspends operations

PAL Airlines (Santiago) on May 27 saw its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) suspended because the local DGAC (Chile’s Civil Aviation Directorate) detected the airline did not accomplish technical requirements that may risk the operational safety of the airline if these issues are not corrected. The DGAC decided to stop all PAL Airlines operations until these issues are corrected. According to DGAC, PAL Airlines is working to recover its AOC in the coming days.

Here is the statement by the AGAC (translated from Spanish):

DGAC logo

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reports that according to the audits that are usually performed, the audits revealed that Principal Chile SA Airlines (PAL) has failed to comply with the technical requirements for its Air Operators Certification (AOC). Therefore its operation could jeopardize security if detected problems are not solved.

Therefore, citizens of Chile are informed that if these problems are not resolved, all air operations of this company will be suspended until the company hows its ability to comply with the technical requirements of aviation regulations .

The company is committed to provide a solution, as soon as possible, to the problems identified so as to continue to operate with the utmost safety .

The DGAC regrets the inconvenience this may cause, but the obligation of the Aeronautics Division is to ensure aviation safety.

Meanwhile PAL Airlines has stated it is working hard to relocate its maintenance facilities to another area of Santiago Airport (the original facilities were already demolished).

PAL is working hard to recover its AOC and expects to obtain it again in the next 4-5 days.

PAL Airlines has issued this statement about its efforts to restore its AOC (in Spanish): CLICK HERE

Special thanks to Alvaro Romero reporting from Chile.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero/ModoCharlie.com. Ex-United Boeing 737-322 CC-ACE (msn 24669) completes its final approach back to the Santiago hub.

PAL Airlines logo

PAL Airlines: AG Slide Show

Gol Transportes Aereos retires its last Boeing 737-300

Gol Transportes Aereos (Sao Paulo) has now retired and parked its remaining Boeing 737-300s.

On the financial side, parent Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A. has reported a $30 million second quarter loss. Read the full report:


Copyright Photo: Marcelo F. De Biasi. The last 737-300 to be operated was this ex-United 737-322 PR-GLO (msn 23952) pictured at Sao Paulo (Guarulhos).

PAL Airlines adds two cities, its first international route and plans to lease two Boeing 757-200s

PAL Airlines (Aerolinea Principal Chile S.A. dba) (Santiago) is celebrating one year of scheduled operations in Chile. The company has announced two new cities. Arica will be served from September 9, 2010 and Copiapó (both in northern Chile) from August 19, 2010 with two flights a day from Santiago from Monday through Friday and one flight on weekends.

The airline has also announced its first international scheduled route. Córdoba in Argentina will be added from September 15 2010 using the recently arrived Boeing 737-300 CC-ACE, with four flights per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

PAL also announced an agreement with Pegasus for a new cargo service called “Intelligent Freight” or overnight cargo. Among their clients are the Chilean Mail and mining companies in the northern regions of Chile.

On the fleet side, Boeing 737-200 CC-CZO was flown to Africa early in August and will be replaced by a similar aircraft due to arrive in the middle of this month. The “new” Boeing 737-200 will receive the Chilean registration of CC-ACD.

Finally, there are advanced talks with Privilege Style for the possible leasing of two Boeing 757-200 aircraft for the upcoming summer season starting in January 2011.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero/ModoCharlie.com. Newly-acquired ex-United Airlines Boeing 737-322 CC-ACE (msn 24669) arrives back at SCL.

FlyLAL Charters changes its name to Small Planet Airlines

FlyLAL Charters (Vilnius) in July 2010 decided to change its name and brand. The company will be now known as leisure carrier Small Planet Airlines.

This summer Small Planet Airlines operates a total of seven Boeing aircraft and performs flights from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Italy. The airline possesses the Air Operator Certificates (AOC) granted by three European countries (Lithuania, Estonia and Poland) and has started certification process for acquiring the fourth in Italy. Small Planet Airlines performs charter flights inside the EU as well as to other countries.

The current Boeing 737 Classic aircraft will be gradually replaced with Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft, more modern and capable of flying longer distances. This will enable Small Planet Airlines in cooperation with tour operators to offer a broader range of destinations. The first two Boeing 737NG aircraft will arrive in summer 2011.

Copyright Photo: Ole Simon. Ex-United Airlines Boeing 737-322 ES-LBC (msn 24664) prepares to land at Antalya.

Gol Transportes Aereos to retire its last Boeing 737-300 next month

Gol Transportes Aereos (Sao Paulo) will retire its last Boeing 737-300 in August.

Copyright Photo: Marcelo F. De Biasi. Ex-United Airlines Boeing 737-322 PR-GLO (msn 23952) arrives back at Sao Paulo (Guarulhos).

PAL Airlines to add ex-United Boeing 737-322 N394UA as CC-ACE

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PAL Airlines (Santiago) will soon add ex-United Airlines/Aero Contractors Boeing 737-322 N394UA (msn 24669) as CC-ACE as it upgrades and replaces its older Boeing 737-200 fleet.

FlyLAL Charters creates a Polish subsidiary

Copyright Photo: Javier Rodriguez. Boeing 737-322 SP-HAA (msn 24664) visits Palma de Mallorca.

FlyLAL Charters (Vilnius) in April created a new Polish subsidiary. The first aircraft is this ex-United Airlines Boeing 737-322 SP-HAA (msn 24664).

Merpati Boeing 737-300 skids off the runway in West Papua

Merpati Nusantara Airlines (Jakarta) lost its ex-United Airlines Boeing 737-322 PK-MDE (msn 24660) on Tuesday (April 13). A routine domestic flight (flight MNA 836) in Indonesia ended in disaster Tuesday when the Boeing 737 carrying over 100 passengers broke apart on landing, injuring more than 70 people, officials said.

The Merpati Boeing 737 skidded off the end of the wet runway at Rendani Airport in Manokwari, West Papua, hurtled into trees and skidded into a shallow river according to this published report.

Read the full report:


United’s last Boeing 737 arrives at SFO right before sunset

United 737-300 N331UA (04)(Salute) SFO (DB)(LR)

Copyright Photo: Mark Durbin. N331UA gets the final water cannon salute.

United 737-300 N331UA (04)(Grd) SFO (DB)(LR)

Copyright Photo: Mark Durbin. N331UA arrives at SFO.

United Airlines (Chicago) as previously reported, retired the last Boeing 737 on Wednesday evening (October 28). Despite a snowstorm in Denver, Boeing 737-322 N331UA (msn 24192) arrived at the San Francisco base ironically just as the sun was setting. The airport gave the traditional water cannon salute on landing ending an long era.