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Pelita Air launches scheduled Airbus A320 flights, ultimate successor to Garuda?

Pelita Air ordered 12 Airbus A320s in October 2021. The first two were delivered in April 2022. The airline is planning to expand the A320 fleet to 20 aircraft by the end of 2023.

The carrier is also studying the smaller A220 and larger A330.

On April 28 the airline launched A320 service between Jakarta and Bali. The airline is also flying to Yogyakarta.

Photo: Peilta Air.

Pelita Air has long operated charter flights, mainly in support of Pertamina’s oil and gas operations in Indonesia.

Meanwhile Garuda Indonesia has been suffering from its staggering pandemic losses, which has been aggravated by its long-term debt and on-going corruption.

Will Pelita Air succeed Garuda?

Rumors persist that Pelita Air may take over Garuda.


The history of Pelita Air:

When two state oil companies – Pertamin and Permina – were merged to form Pertamina, the need to establish a special air service becomes a primary priority to support Pertamina’s growing need of oil and natural gas exploration, exploitation, as well as transportation of personnel and/or cargoes.

In 1963, as a result of growing operational needs, an air service department was established within Pertamina called Pertamina Air Service. Seven years later (1970), Pertamina established PT. Pelita Air Service (PAS) – closing the doors on air division of Pertamina – through the establishment of an autonomous subsidiary to provide continuous flight operations.

Defining the company as a commercial air carrier, PAS was given a mission of performing flight operations in the broadest sense of the world, to economically serve and coordinate flight operations within the oil and gas industry in Indonesia by way of charter flights and related activities. This includes:

  • Transmigration
  • Fire Fighting
  • Refugees
  • Red Cross
  • Oil Spills
  • Aerial Photo
  • Cargo Transportations

On the back of a long tradition, successful track record and expertise, PAS obtained financial independence from Pertamina (1981) to increase its competitiveness beyond the domestic commercial aviation industry and compete internationally. Today, PAS extended world-class services are :

  • VVIP
  • Offshore
  • External Load such as banner and short/long sling line
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Seismic Operation
  • Geological Survey
  • Helirig
  • Helicopter Pilots For Hire
  • Support and Training

Being more than 45 years of solid experience since 1970 with many types of airplanes and services supporting its business, has given PAS a well-deserved repute among the users of its services to be able to compete and stay outstand. For these reasons, PAS has continually trusted to render its services to the President and other dignitaries of the nation. Trying to expand another line of business, we had experienced the regular flight since 2000 until 2005, for many routes across the country. In order to be more focus in our main business, then we decided to concentrate in air flight charter by shutting down the regular flight.

Our maintenance subsidiary, PT. IndoPelita Aircraft Services, has the ability and expertise of conducting maintenance and repair work from its exclusively owned airfield in Pondok Cabe (south Jakarta) consisting of hangar, warehouse and a 2,000 meters runway.


Pelita Air aircraft photo gallery:

Garuda Indonesia may be forced into bankruptcy, Pelita Air may be assigned to take over domestic routes

Garuda Indonesia Airways Boeing 737-8U3 WL PK-GNA (msn 41310) DPS (Pascal Simon). Image: 955646.

Garuda Indonesia Airways could be on the brink of bankruptcy according to the Jakarta Globe:


The Indonesian government has also prepared Pelita Air Service, a subsidiary of state-owned oil company Pertamina, to serve domestic flights if Garuda files for bankruptcy.


More from The Star:


Top Copyright Photo: Garuda Indonesia Airways Boeing 737-8U3 WL PK-GNA (msn 41310) DPS (Pascal Simon). Image: 955646.

Garuda Indonesia aircraft slide show: