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New media speculation about Air France captain Marc Dubois of AF 447

Air France‘s (Paris) flight AF 447 from Sao Paulo to Paris (CDG) crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 after running into a severe thunderstorm en route. Due to the heavy rain, the pitot tubes failed which caused confusion in the cockpit. The flight was operated with the pictured Airbus A330-203 F-GZCP (msn 660). International media speculation has revealed captain Marc Dubois was off duty when the First Officer called him pleading for the captain to quickly return to the cockpit. The married captain was socially travelling with an off duty AF flight attendant named Veronique Gaignard. Investigators have stated the captain’s private life did not contribute to the tragic crash. All passengers and crew members died when the Airbus crashed into the ocean.

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Copyright Photo: Paul Denton.

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