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Batik Air to launch operations on May 3

Batik 737-900ER WL PK-LBG (13)(Grd) HNL (IN)(LRW)

Batik Air (Jakarta), the new subsidiary of Lion Air (Jakarta) was originally planning to launch its full-service operations on April 26 from Jakarta to both Balikpapan and Manado. However this launch has been delayed to May 3.

In addition, the new carrier will launch two-class Boeing 737-900ER service from Jakarta to Pekanbaru and Ambon on May 8.

Batik Air: AG Slide Show

Batik Air logo


Top Copyright Photo: Ivan K. Nishimura/Blue Wave Group. The first aircraft for Batik Air is the pictured Boeing 737-9GP ER PK-LBG (msn 38688) which is seen passing through Honolulu on delivery. The aircraft was handed over on April 15.

Bottom Photos: Batik Air.

Batik Air crews

Batik Air first class