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Atlantic Southeast Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines to become SureJet

Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Atlanta), a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc. (St. George), yesterday (July 13) announced that “SureJet” will be its new company name upon completion of its merger with ExpressJet Airlines. The airline acquired ExpressJet in November 2010 and is in the process of merging the two companies and operations, with the intent of achieving a single operating certificate from the FAA by the end of 2011. The combined airline’s headquarters are in Atlanta.

While the combined airline will be known by an altogether new name, qualities from the current Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet brands were used to create the combined airline’s new logo.


  • Icon
    A modified icon from the current Atlantic Southeast brand identity will be used in the SureJet logo.

    • Red is a color that denotes strength and boldness, characteristics that the people of our combined airline personify on a daily basis, and that the airline stands for as it works to become the world’s first super regional carrier.
    • The forward-moving box continues to represent our momentum and direction as a combined company.
    • The modified curved edge of the box reflects ExpressJet brand elements.
    • The modified grey bar continues to represent our business partners we rely on to be successful. The design also reflects ExpressJet brand elements.



  • Type Font
    • Similar to the ExpressJet logo font, the SureJet font has forward-moving momentum. It is bold, strong and confident to balance our icon and reflect these characteristics of the combined airline.



  • Tag Line: Partner. Ally. Friend.
    • The combined airline is focused on being a strong partner to mainline carriers, an ally passengers can rely on and a friend employees can trust.

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