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New Straits Times: MH 370 flew at or below 5,000 feet to avoid local radars

New Strait Times is now reporting a theory that the missing Malaysia Airlines MH 370 may have been flying at 5,000 feet (or below) possibly using “terrain masking” to avoid local radar over three countries citing local sources in Malaysia. If true, this would raise the aspect of a terrorist takeover once again.

However all countries in the area, including India and Pakistan, have stated there was no flight over their respective areas.

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In addition, Malaysia Airlines management now believes the first officer uttered the last words from the flight “All Right, Good Night”.

The government of Malaysia has now reversed the sequence of events saying the transponder was turned off AFTER the last words were uttered by the first officer. According to Reuters, here is the new timeline:

“0119: Someone in the cockpit says “All right, good night” to Malaysian air traffic control. They were the last words heard from Flight MH 370.

0121: The plane drops off air traffic control screens as its transponder – which responds to civilian radar – is switched off. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam says the plane failed to check in as scheduled at 0121 with air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City. Malaysian authorities believe that someone on board shut off the plane’s communications systems and turned it sharply to the west.

0215: Malaysian military radar plots Flight MH 370 at a point south of Phuket island in the Strait of Malacca, hundreds of miles west of its last known location.

0811: The last signal received from the plane, according to satellite tracking data.”

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Bottom line: no one knows for sure at this point what happened after those words were uttered.