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Major snowstorm to hit the U.S. Northeast the next two days closing airports and canceling flights

NWS Northeast Snow Map

The National Weather Service has issued this statement and forecast for the Northeast United States:

The stage is being set for a major nor’easter to affect parts of the Northeast Monday through Wednesday. This system will be responsible for heavy snowfall and strong winds, with blizzard conditions possible along coastal areas from New Jersey to Massachusetts. Blizzard Warnings are in effect along the coast from central New Jersey to the Canadian border.

The heaviest impact area will be around the Boston area (see map above).

This will cause a major impact to all airlines operating in the area with most airlines canceling flights in advance and rebooking passengers without the usual fees.

According to USA Today, as of 6:15 a.m. EST, 1,851 flights have already been canceled today and another 1,707 for tomorrow. This is likely to rise.

According to Reuters, Delta Air Lines has already canceled about 600 flights for Monday, January 26 due to a “historic” blizzard expected to hit the East Coast.

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