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DHL adds a new premium helicopter delivery service in the Los Angeles area

DHL Eurocopter AS355 N226NR (Flt) LAX (DHL)(LRW)

DHL has added a new helicopter delivery service in the road-congested Los Angeles area.

The company issued this statement and video about the new service:

DHL has found an even better route for meeting urgent delivery commitments in the midst of traffic gridlock in the United States: through the air. A new helicopter service now provides early morning delivery services for several major banking customers in the downtown Los Angeles area.

DHL Express has introduced the helicopter service into its Los Angeles operation as a way to guarantee early morning 9:00 a.m. delivery service regardless of traffic bottlenecks. Initially used by specific financial services customers, this service will expand to include additional customers in the Los Angeles area.

“DHL is always looking for innovative ways to move our customers’ shipments with the greatest speed and reliability,” said Mike Parra, CEO of DHL Express U.S. “When business demands early deliveries at the ’speed of yellow’, DHL Express brings additional assurance with a first-of-its-kind helicopter service to the L.A. market.”

DHL Gateway at Los Angeles International Airport

International shipments arrive at the DHL Gateway at Los Angeles International Airport, with specific packages transported by helicopter to a dedicated heliport in the city center. A DHL courier meets the helicopter and provides the final mile deliveries.

The DHL helicopter, a “Twinstar” Eurocopter AS355, is operated for DHL by Helinet of Van Nuys, California, and can transport over 350 kg of letters and packages.

A DHL helicopter service is also used in New York, providing lifts from the DHL gateway at John F Kennedy International Airport to prime U.S. bank headquarters and Federal bank locations, making stops in central Manhattan and at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport to speed deliveries of important financial and legal documents.

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Copyright Photo: DHL. Aerospatiale AS355F2 Ecureuil N226NR (msn 5411) departs from the DHL cargo facility at Los Angeles International Airport.