Vietnam Airlines orders two A350-900s and four A380s

Vietnam Airlines (Hanoi) has signed a contract for two additional Airbus A350-900 XWBs and four A380-800s.

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3 thoughts on “Vietnam Airlines orders two A350-900s and four A380s

  1. Daniel Stanislaus Martel

    If this order is genuine it would be a boost for Airbus and its plagued A380 indeed. Your blog is the only source to mention it although there have been rumours.
    One should not forget that the Boeing 747 Jumbo was also developed during a boom period, the 1960s, and entered service in a recession (the 1970s). Later it became the flagship. Nowadays history repeats for the A380.

    Daniel Stanislaus Martel

    1. brucedrum

      Thank you Daniel. I am only quoting the reference posting by Reuters. It is not a signed MOU or contract at this point. It would certainly be good news for Airbus if acted on. Thanks for the comment.

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