QANTAS Link to expand Boeing 717 operations in Queensland

QANTAS Link will launch new Boeing 717 services to Rockhampton and Gladstone on March 15 and Mackay on March 26, 2012.

The introduction of two 115-seat QANTAS Link Boeing 717-200 aircraft in Queensland will deliver an increase of over 200,000 seats per year in Queensland.

The combined QANTAS Link fleet includes five Bombardier DHC-8 200s (Q200s), 16 DHC-8-300s (Q300s), 25 DHC-8-400s (Q400) and 11 Boeing 717-200 aircraft.

Cobham Aviation Services (formerly National Jet Services) (Adelaide) Cobham operates the 11 Boeing 717-200 aircraft on behalf of QANTAS regional subsidiary QANTAS Link. The company flies more than one million passengers for QANTAS Link each year, across 300 sectors per week. Other than the physical supply of the actual Boeing 717 aircraft by QANTAS, Cobham provides all the necessary resources and infrastructure required to deliver this service. This includes all pilots, cabin crew, the high capacity CASA approved Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and associated regulatory compliance systems as well as the engineering and maintenance support for the entire Boeing 717 fleet, maintaining QANTAS Link’s branding strategy and standards.

Top Copyright Photo: Planegeezer.

Bottom Copyright Photo: Cobham Aviation Services.

Cobham Route Map:

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