Finnair to introduce “anti-jet lag bright light” headsets

Finnair (Helsinki) will be the first airline to introduce a bright light headset designed to help passengers adapt better to jet lag. The Valkee bright light headset, a product of a Finnish design company called Valkee, is a safe and natural way to simulate the effects of daylight to alleviate symptoms caused by changes in the circadian rhythm and by shortage of natural daylight. Finnair is arranging a pilot program to test the benefits of the device for airline passengers on particularly long flights, where the need to adjust to a new time zone often causes natural challenges.

The test program will be offered to passengers in business class on the route between Helsinki and Shanghai for a period of one month, beginning at the end of March. The passengers who wish to take part in the pilot program will be asked to fill in a questionnaire after testing the Valkee device in accordance with the instructions of the cabin crew. After the test period, the Valkee bright light device will be added as a sales item for Finnair in May.

Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems.

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