QANTAS Airways introduces a new “You’re the reason we fly” commercial

QANTAS Airways (Sydney) has introduced a new television campaign called “You’re the reason we fly”. The airline is collecting pictures of Australians that will end up on an Airbus A380 and a Boeing 737-800.

The airline issued the following statement:

“QANTAS on July 20 launched the next phase of its advertising campaign including a television commercial following a successful teaser campaign and featuring music by Australian artist Daniel Johns.

QANTAS Executive Manager Marketing Mr Lewis Pullen said the response to the teaser campaign had exceeded expectations with over 60,000 entries, 200,000 unique visitors to and 16,000 downloads of the mobile app in just over two weeks.

“We opened the QANTAS Hub on July 2 and we had over 20,000 Australians sign up to participate on the first day. It was a pleasing response; particularly given we raised our target of $100,000 for Mission Australia on the first day of the campaign,” said Mr Pullen.

“We have also selected hundreds names to go on the side of an Airbus A380 and Boeing 737-800 the new decals will be unveiled in coming months,” said Mr Pullen.

“Over the past few weeks we have been progressively building the end frame to our television commercial and we now have over 25,000 photos of Australians that form the QANTAS logo in a mosaic tile. This will air on Sunday night and will feature an original piece of music created by Australian artist Daniel Johns titled Atlas.”

The television commercial takes the viewer on an aerial tour canvassing scenes of Australians going about their everyday activities and ends with a portrait of the faces, supporting the narrative ‘Australians fly for many different reasons, we fly for one, you’re the reason we fly’.

The soundtrack Atlas was recorded by Daniel Johns in conjunction with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and is the first piece of commercial work undertaken by the artist. Daniel Johns said creating Atlas has been a unique experience for him.”

Copyright Photo: Micheil Keegan. Boeing 737-838 VH-VZT lines up to land at Perth, Western Australia.

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