Ryanair announces its first new bases out of the European Union

Ryanair (Dublin) today (January 16) announced it will open two new bases in Morocco in 2013, at Fez (Number 56) and Marrakech (Number 57) with a total of three based-aircraft, as Ryanair invests over $210 million in Morocco. Ryanair also announced two new Moroccan airports, at Essaouira and Rabat as it grows its operations in Morocco in 2013 to 60 routes and 8 airports, which will deliver up to 2.5 million passenger per year and support 2,500* “on-site” jobs in Morocco.

Ryanair will grow in Morocco in 2013 as follows:
Fez (new base):
·  1 based aircraft
  • 15 routes
  • 4 new routes: Lille, Nantes, Nimes and St. Etienne
  • 600,000 passengers per year
  • 600* “on site” jobs
Marrakech (new base):
·  2 based aircraft
  • 22 routes
  • 7 new routes: Baden, Bergerac, Cuneo (Italy), Dole (France), Munich, Paris (Vatry) and Tours
  • 1 million passengers per year
  • 1,000* “on site” jobs
Essaouira (new airport):
·  2 routes: Brussels and Marseille
Rabat (new airport):
·  3 routes: Brussels, Paris and Marseille
Ryanair’s new Moroccan routes will begin in April.
* According to Ryanair, ACI research confirms up to 1,000 ‘on-site’ jobs are sustained at international airports for every 1 million passengers.
Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. Boeing 737-8AS EI-DAO (msn 33550) “Pride of Scotland” taxies at London (Stansted).
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