How to promote an airline at a tennis tournament

Emirates A380 Sky Camera (Emirates)(LR)

Emirates (Dubai) is finding unique ways to promote its airline and its large fleet of Airbus A380. Here is a new one:

Spectators at this year’s Roland Garros tournament® are looking to the skies thanks to Emirates’ innovative A380 aerial camera created in collaboration with the French Federation of Tennis.

Positioned up to 45 meters above the grounds of Roland Garros the Emirates A380 aerial camera has been designed to travel along a secure 350 meter cable throughout the tournament grounds. The A380 camera weighs 60 kilograms and is two meters and 80 centimeters long and took nearly two months to build. Made from fiberglass and polyurethane foam the aircraft is a near perfect replica of the Emirates A380 that currently flies twice daily to Paris.

“Leveraging our sponsorships to showcase Emirates is a key part of our overarching brand strategy. This is the first time we have attempted to create an A380 aerial camera and the results speak for themselves. The A380 is an iconic aircraft and this near scale model hovering above Roland Garros is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher,” said Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications.

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