Holiday messages from the airlines, our warmest wishes to our readers

It is a different environment out there these days for the airlines. They have to compete on many levels of service and also now in the growing social media to grab the attention of the potential customers. This includes the new and growing art of producing top-viewing videos to convey their messages including holiday greetings. Any airline which fails to recognize this new trend and operate creatively in this new venue will be left behind.

Since we like to report on new trends in air transportation, our intent with this sampling is to show you some of the best holiday messages this year being produced by the airlines. If you know of any good holiday airline messages that we missed please send us the link and we will add it to this list.

Christmas Elves

Air New Zealand has been at the cutting edge of this new media. Their videos get some of the top scores and visits. Here is their short holiday message:

Delta brought out their “Cheer Cart” for the holidays:

And a special holiday safety video:

WestJet had a big media splash this season and took a great leap forward with three blockbuster Christmas videos including one that granted its passenger’s wishes at bag claim:

Christmas Happy Holiday

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our loyal readers, contributors and supporters the best in holiday greetings and wishes. Thank you for your readership, friendship, contributions and support of our AG products and our advertisers.

Christmas Candles #1

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf/ Airberlin has had a Christmas tradition of painting one of its aircraft in a special holiday livery. This year the theme is “Flying home for the holidays” and it features candles at each window on the pictured Boeing 737-86J D-ABMS (msn 37782). The affect is also different at night where the cabin light illuminates each candle at each window.

Christmas Gingerbread

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