London’s Heathrow Airport brings back the airfield observation deck

London Heathrow Airport has officially opened a new airfield observation deck with 270 degree views. The area is called View Heathrow Observation Deck and is located in Terminal 4 (T4). The airport issued this statement and photos:

#ViewHeathrow Observation Deck opens



What has 270 degree views, a view of the Concorde, is right next to the Southern Runway at Heathrow and has just opened? The Answer: The View Heathrow Observation Deck.

The View Heathrow Observation Deck in T4 was officially opened this afternoon by Heathrow’s Normand Boivin and Tom Willis with a host of our airline partners from the terminal.

View Heathrow, located between gates 15 and 16, features 270 degree views and is located less than 250 metres from the centre of the Southern Runway.

The retired British Airways’ Concorde can even be seen from the area which has been converted from an unused former airline lounge.

Led by Paul Springthorpe from the Property team, the project has created a flight deck theme for passengers to interact with including a unique Turbine egg ball chair.

Visitors to View Heathrow can get involved with our social media team by hashtagging their spectacular Instagram pics and Twitter comments with #ViewHeathrow.

A live feed of these Instagram images and Tweets is on display in the viewing area, while visitors can also check out live flight radars on fixed iPads in the area.

The area is free to enter and open in line with Terminal 4’s operating hours.

What’s next for #ViewHeathrow?
This isn’t the only initiative we’ve been working on for all our aviation enthusiasts. We are working on some exciting new things for 2014 including multiple photo competitions, better non-airside venue access and more.

We’re also looking to select a group of aviation photographers to join us for a #ViewHeathrow visit in January. Tweet @yourHeathrow if you’re interested.


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